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Back on the wagon!
I have clicked on a few time but was the only one in there...suppose most of the chatting is done through the forum...but it would be good to take a conversation "off line" sometimes maybe.......


Back on the wagon!
Woke up in a really grumpy mood and it hasnt shifted all day....everything getting on my nerves including not be able to contact the closest CDC (being a bit unreasonable I know).....TOTM I think....off the bed soon to sulk!!
OoohI missed all of this last night! I have looked at the chat but nobody was ever there, yes it was gloomy lol! Def we need to get in there together LOL!

Bea, hope you are feeling brighter today :) And I really hope the CDC gets back to you sharpish....


Back on the wagon!
Rach we should set a "Chat Date" and send a time out and see who logs on...might be a bit of fun...

Elle....yes "got over myself" to be honest you know some weeks work, home (and diet) just all get too much....back on form today!!!
That's a good idea Bea, I'm up for that chat day!

As for me, I'm also having a bad day, I want food!!! not that I'm hungry, I just want to eat! So I had a cereal bar... oops!!! 111 calories... I've been telling myself to stop as anyway I'll take a day off on my birthday, but anyway, I want to eat... :(

Yesterday I watched the Paul McKenna videos on youtube and even though I don't believe in that sort of thing, it was giving me excuses to think why not? A bite wont hurt! Sad, isn't it?


Back on the wagon!
Nah...its human and honest......the thing is to not allow it to go back to your old ways ...having said that I feel I shouldnt be giving you advice LOL...... I cant wait till I have only 15llbs to loose....WELL DONE YOU FOR NOT PILING ON 100 llbs like me....
Nah! I've been there before, to be fair, its quite lucky i didnt put on any more! But that's why its so frustrating... When I was a gym bunny a few years ago I promised myself that in my 30s i'd be so much fitter than in my teens and 20s... now just a couple of days away and a stone heavier I'm upset with myself... Anyway, I think its TOTM speaking through me! (plus psyllium husks taking their time to work, not a nice feeling)
By the way Cheyrl dnt worry about sending me those extra packs you have because I am changing to CD so if anyone else would like them they can go ahead. I know sedalia (charlotte) is staying put in LT. Thanks anyway! x
Oh Rachel
Going on to cd ! wow!
i thought about it but something changed my mind very quickly after sat night lol

So going to keep with lt .
When will the change happen for you ?
I have also tried the chat thing but been .......alone ............ !!!!!!!!

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