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  1. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    That Chatterbox.

    I think we all know about that chatterbox. It lives in the back of your mind and suggests things. It will tell you that you can only take so much and you have now reached that limit. You deserve more. Usually in the form of crisps, sweets or whatever your favourite food happens to be. It will also tell you that you are far too weak to leave food for another minute. It is beyond your control…you can’t fight it.

    If you are close to goal, it will say “you look fine as you are…you won’t ever be perfect…as long as you look ‘okay’. You don’t deserve first prize…2nd will do”

    We all have that chatterbox, what what we forget is that it cannot be our friend. Would a friend talk to you like that? Would a friend tell you to have a good binging session? Would a friend storm in on us when we are at our weakest? Telling us to fail, laying temptation before us?:confused:


    The greatest battle is learning how to stand up to this chatterbox. How to train and control it. It’s a tough battle, but it can be controlled, but you need to identify it for what it is first. You need to know that you have a stronger voice that it has. Tell it! Tell it out loud. Okay…people will think your nuts :D Okay…probably not a good idea to tell it outloud whilst you are shopping in Sainsbury’s :eek:

    Your chatterbox is like a small child. It needs to be controlled….disciplined…put in it’s place. It wants to get you into trouble. You have to try to get it to change the subject. Distract it, like you would do that small child who was doing something it shouldn’t. [​IMG]

    The difference between the small child and your inner voice, is that you can’t offend it. You can be as harsh to it as you want and the harsher you get the more undemanding it becomes.

    Giving in to it rarely gives us more than a momentary pleasure. It rarely stops at that, but goes on to create more and more temptation. The voice gets louder each time we let it have its way. It has amazing tenacity. It will keep coming back as long as you let it.

    Of course, it will hang around for ages…maybe for ever. It will end up doing some half-hearted attempts to woo you over, but it just won’t have the strength in it to make much of an impression….unless you let it.

    In the end you can use your chatterbox to remind you of more positive things. Time to go to the Gym? Can’t you walk to the shops instead of taking the car? But be warned, he can still turn just when you aren’t expecting it.

    Be on the lookout.

    It is such relief to know that you are finally in control of what is going on in your head. You are the master. The chatterbox is just a mere servant [​IMG]

    You cannot lose.

    Please go over to Lavenders Chatterbox Challenge thread here and let us know how you are getting on defeating it:)
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  3. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Karion, I loved this bit, It made me realsie I am normal, I have been struggling a bit as I have lost so much and I now know I look ok, I am a size 16, and whilst to many thats too big, it is the lowest I have been in around 10 years, my CB is defiantely telling me 2nd is good and I have done so well so that meal wont hurt.

    I have not given in, and neither will I but your post put it in context to me as I was starting to feel I'd failed even before I put food in my mouth, hope that has made sense.

    Thanks, your advice means the world x
  4. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Aw. You're welcome Vicky.

    Unfortunately, I didn't recognise him at all until I got to goal. ('s a him;))

    Could have saved myself a lot of heartache on the journey had I known he wasn't my friend, and it was sad to mark his loss as he gave me a reason to fail. It was a safety net if you get what I mean.:confused:

    Actually, I'm not sure I know what I mean. Perhaps a part of me didn't want to change. I was frightened of moving on, getting out of my comfort zone. The chatterbox kept me in there. Let me be who I thought I was.

  5. kazz

    kazz Gold Member

    Hi Karion, just out of interest, how long id it take you to lose 8 stone?? You have done ace to maintain it am hoping I can too when I finally get there!!
  6. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    :eek: Let's just say I didn't do it all in one go :)

    Started Sept 2004. Came off at Christmas, went on in January, came off when I medication that clashed with it, went on when medication finished, came off when I had a gallstone attack and ended up in hospital, went on when I got the go ahead.

    Got to goal after a 7.2stone loss in July 2005. Went back on SS in february 2006 a month before I knew I was going to quit fags (damage limitation).

    So, not really the perfect success story like you read in the mags:eek: there in the end.
  7. kazz

    kazz Gold Member

    Karion, to me a perfect success story is someone who manages to lose all the weight they want/need to and keep it off, despite other things going on in their you fit in there!! I sometimes wonder about the stories in the mags....they never seem to do a '2 year on' follow up!!

    Thx for the info!
  8. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Karion, a perfect story for me, and you inspire me x
  9. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Thank you. Must go and polish that shiny halo that's laid somewhere under the bed :D

    Darn thing keeps falling off:eek:

  10. Brad0053

    Brad0053 Silver Member

    Funny Karion.

    An annoying voice telling you what to do when you don't want to that goes on and on and on.................... not surprisingly mine is a woman.

    Given that yours is a man, you might find that he is trying to give sound advice, but probably never gets a word in.

    ***** Brad sits back quietly and waits for the good ladiesssssss of Minimins to respond (no doubt I will have to wait a while ;) ;) ;) *******
  11. lavender

    lavender Silver Member

    hey Brad
    where have you been? I havent come across you for ages, are you keeping a low profile or am i a bit blind
  12. Brad0053

    Brad0053 Silver Member

    No, I have been around. It is easy to miss people though as the posting traffic is very high and there is so much to read - a very good thing of couse mate.
  13. Dom1979

    Dom1979 Gold Member

    Omigod, that gave me a major breakthrough. The chatterbox isn't my friend.

    Hmmmmm, shall ponder some more, as at the moment mine is telling me i deserve popcorn at the cinema after the beasting I got from my boss this morning. So I've given the chatterbox my bosses voice, which made it easier to tell her to Foxtrot Oscar!
  14. Brad0053

    Brad0053 Silver Member

    Ingenious DOM. This is the best bit of chatterbox advice I have seen mate. :D
  15. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining have got a point there. I'll concede.

    My chatterbox is a male who is in touch with his feminine side :D
  16. Brad0053

    Brad0053 Silver Member

    Not from Essex then. We are real men in Essex, we drive Ford Cortina cars with furry dice and everything.
  17. boofaloo

    boofaloo Gold Member

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    Exante and exercise
    “you look fine as you are…you won’t ever be perfect…as long as you look ‘okay’. You don’t deserve first prize…2nd will do”

    That has really choked me up - its exaclty how i feel and is the thing that is stopping me lose the last 2 stone.

    Thank You. xx
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  19. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Aha. Excellent.

    You know...I find that I can read all sorts of useful bits and pieces and it doesn't mean anything to me, then all of a sudden something hits the spot.

    Guess it's finding the right thing at the right time.

    Glad it helped :)
  20. georgiasmum

    georgiasmum Regular Member

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    Cambridge 810
    My chatterbox is a real *****. I don't like her at all because she is mean to me. However i really fancy blokes in cortinas with furry dice as I think they really seckszeeeee!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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