Chatterbox is telling me to eat chicken!!!!


:eek: OMG I don't know why this is happening to me but my chatterbox is telling me to eat chicken that is in the fridge. So far I have just drank 1 litre of water, a coffee and had a bath. I am going to ignore it and throw the chicken in the bin.
Don't do it! You know you really don't want it and are doing the best thing.

Just glug the water and hang in there.

Chicken is in the bin!! Hoooraaaay!! thanks for the advice Kazz its covered in washing up liquid. I have not had this feeling since the very start of this diet. It is probably because I am bored. Before christmas I was busy with decorations cards etc then there was New Year, then my 10th Wedding Anniversary and then my daughters birthday. I have got to find something to do. I am going to go for a walk then pick the kids up.
Thanks Icemoose I know you are so right. I would have felt awful if I had eaten it!!
It's funny yours tells you you want chicken... that's all mine tells me as well! You've done the right thing in getting rid of it though. You're SO close to your goal... chicken is a mere couple of weeks away. You can do it :)
Lol I use washing up liquid to cover food that calls me!! DH is starting to wonder exactly where it's all going since I don't do much washing up! :p
Well done on having so much control!! You would have regretted eating it I can assure you.
Advice from LLC!!

Thank you for all your replies. I think I am over the worst. I saw my LLC up at the school and told her how I feel. She jut said its because I am getting so close to goal now. She also advised me to wear tighter fitting clothes!! So the size 12 skinny jeans from Asda are now on an I can hardly breath!! LoL!!xx
I think its going to do the trick. I did wiegh myself this morning ,naked, and was 10st 04lb. Thats probably why I wanted to eat. I am not going to that tomorrow morning!!
Thanks again!!xx :D
Wow you have done amazing - how long have you been going?

I cannot wait to wear size 12 jeans (well jeans in general really - I gave up wearing jeans around the same time I stopped looking in the mirror!!!!! lol):D

Hi Skinny,
I haven't worn jeans, before this diet, for about 3 years!! I am on day 78. Only 22 to go and it has flown by. You will be buying jeans soon enough honey!! I promise. Keep strong and read the inspiring posts on here. Thats what I did and still do. It really helps you to stick with the ssing.
fantastic results - stay strong though it must be really really difficult as you get closer to goal as your personal goals are almost achieved like shopping in 'normal' shops, wearing 'nice' clothes etc etc
I agree - this site is the best ever - I found it totally by accident and I can tell you , I would not have got past day one without it.

I cannot rave about it enough !!!!
Gosh I'm so pleased you were saved by the bin and the washing up liquid!!! I would have been really sorry if you had given in because you have been doing soooo well. You don't want to spoil it all now. Well done for hanging in there!!!