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Cheat-Free Friday... Who's In?


Stubborn tortoise
Hey... anyone up for a cheat-free Friday, making a promise to stick 100% to whichever CD plan you're on with no picking, no nibbling, no bending the rules? Sign up and check in through the day to tell us how you're getting on! If you wobble, we'll be here for you... and hopefully, at the end of the day, we'll all be one step closer to our goal!

Yesterday's cheat-free promise really chased away my cheat demons and dragged me back into the zone, so I'm in for sure. Had my porridge with nutmeg not cinnamon today - bit sharper - and glugging herb tea as I type.

Anyone else?
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Serena's title didn't fit
I'm in!

I'm on 1000ish plan, hard for me somedays to not touch ''evil'' foods ^_^

Good luck all!

Good luck to all. Im not joining in as going away for the weekend but im going to be sensible but cant hand on heart say im going to stick to 810 100%!
Only got a pound to go now :)
I'm in. I am on SS+ (4 packs and 200ml milk). So far today just had about half a litre of water. Not even showered and dressed yet, lazy mare! My aim this week is to increase my water to 3 litres as I have struggled the last two weeks to have 2 litres a day and I think that has affected my losses


Stubborn tortoise
Good luck girlies and have a FAB weekend Sleepy! We want to hear all about it when you get back... enjoy!
What a great idea I am definately in.
I have been rather ill with a nastly flu type virus but feeling much better today. My water intake has been rubbish lately so I am going for 3 litres today and will allow myself 4 packs.

Good luck everyone and thanks Katy for the thread.



Stubborn tortoise
Hope you are feeling better Jac! I had flu a fortnight ago & on the 5th day felt like I'd risen from the dead, I was so glad to be feeling better. Heading out for a while this morning but will check in later... I promise to resist the lure of the coffee shop!
I'm in; great idea :) I've managed my first 6 days 100% SS so after today I will have made it without cheating for my first week; Yay :D! My WI is tomorrow so at least I'm motivated. I wanted to cheat last night, I made muffins for the kids and hubby and I so wanted to take a bite... I made it through but there's still a few muffins left - booo.
Im in 2 :) On ss+ and just had breakfast and a cuppa. My new kitchen has just been delivered and im packing the old one into boxes. Trouble is the food cupboard that needs to be done:cry: will not cheat tho now ive joined here... u all watching me LOL.
Count me in!! really need to keep on track over the weekend as I'm out for dinner n drinks on monday. Off work for the day with a poorly little boy so so far have only managed 2 pints of tea....must go and make my shake. Bannana. :feedtroll:
I'm in. I need to be 100% and today this thread will motivate me.

So far today 2 pints water 2 black coffees and a Toffee and Walnut shake which i am drinking as i write Mmmm Mmmm.

Good luck today girls.

As its valentines tomorrow i am going to SS+ for the day so my hubby is getting chargrilled chicken and green veg for his romantic meal LOL He has no choice.

Be good everyone
I've had a strawberry shake for breakfast and just had a plain porridge for lunch (I like it at lunch as it's the "thickest" meal so feel like it keeps me going longer) and I've had 1.5 liters of water so far; I'm aiming for 4 liters :) Not feeling hungry so far and no cravings either :p The evening is always the hardest for me though.


Stubborn tortoise
Back from town... took Mum for coffee & scone and was very good & just had coffee & skim milk myself, which is allowed on the 810 plan I'm doing. Then a lunch of cottage cheese & asparagus (yum) as at tea-time we'll be travelling down to Liverpool in the car for the weekend - so tea will be a CD bar once I get there. Have just packed my porridge, bars & shakes and also my determination to be 100% at the weekend.
You all seem to be doing fine... we're getting there!

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