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Cheat-Free Tuesday... Anyone In?


Stubborn tortoise
OK, I bet a few of us went off-plan briefly on Valentines Day... I had a fab, lo-fat, pre-planned meal at Wagamama then shot myself in the foot by necking two Baileys afterwards... grrr. Managed to haul myself (kicking & screaming) back on the 810 wagon for the rest of the weekend... now I'm home again and looking for a good week to push those scales a bit lower.
Have lots of work to do so I'm making an early start... have had a herb tea and a dish of porridge & cinnamon... yum. I plan to be cheat-free, all day, no matter what... anyone with me?
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Im in need to be really careful today I have some relations coming to visit for a week and really dreading it. They will want to eat out a lot and get take aways, I have prewarned them bout SS but sometimes people just dont seem to understand and say - you can have a bit of this it wont harm you :(. My first weigh in is today so that should keep me going (as long as its a good one)
By the way i think baileys is ok as long as its medicinal purposes :) (which i am sure it was) haha


Stubborn tortoise
Hi FF, glad you're in! You can handle those rellies. I know EXACTLY what you mean about people not understanding... my mum is the worst, still buying cream cakes for me every week even though I've been CDing since late November... and haven't once accepted a cake since then. And chocs, randomly, last week - took them and stuck them on top of the wardrobe. OH's rellies also offering assorted goodies over the weekend, and you feel bad saying no, but I managed... you will too.
Trouble is with me, Baileys is always medicinal... hee hee... but I did enjoy it and boy was I a cheap date, thanks to the ketosis thing I was tipsy in half an hour, which did bring me back to my senses I guess as I realised what I was doing. Eek!
Can you plan the takeaways and eating out so you don't fancy joining in? This is gonna be a big challenge so early on but you can do it honey.
Count me in too girls, I am on a re-start and need to get this 1st day done and dusted. Apart from my medicinal Bailey's of course... only kidding lol !!!!


Stubborn tortoise
Thanks for joining in Julie & Sarah... we can do this! OK now... step away from the Baileys...
lol, I keep walking away but it's dragging me back..

Seriously I've had a cup of tea and gonna get half a litre of water down before work - see you guys laters..

Have a great day xx


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Ive just had porridge !!yuk!!why I dont know I hate the stuff for some reason I always think its going to taste better than the last time I had it,for some strange reason it never does!!2 pints down so far am trying with all my might to drink loads today it really does make a difference to my weight loss.
As for the Baileys...well you must all be very posh,I can only afford Carolanns minde you,you do get twice as much for about 3 quid!!haha!!


Trying to stay healthy!
Ive just had porridge !!yuk!!why I dont know I hate the stuff for some reason I always think its going to taste better than the last time I had it,for some strange reason it never does!!xx
Hi Julie, I didn't like the porridge much at first but have you tried to pep it up a little? I always add a tablet sweetner and a spoonful of toffee n walnut after microing and stir it in, it's yummy that way! I love it cos it always make me feel like i've had proper brekkie.

good luck to everyone for today!

naughty bad rachael


I'm in......I went bananas last night and I've fallen out with myself. I can't believe what I did, but the best thing to do is get back on it!

So here's to a cheat free tuesday

hello all i'm in, had a 50 day wobble yesterday...devoured a mountain of popcorn in the darkness of the cinema...poo...back on it today, got 50 days to go....let's do this...

been cleaning, herbal teaing and watering...feeling better already...i think?!
My first day on restart so if i cant have a cheat free day to day there is seriously no hope for me!! Heres to cheat free tuesday!
Count me in.

Its only my 2nd day on ss and i really struggled last night. I was actually crying at one point! How embarrassing and sad is that! :cry:

I feel better this morning tho and although i didnt enjoy the banana drink this morning it didnt make me gag either :eek:

If i can get thro this 1st week and just find some flavours i can not enjoy but dont make me sick either i think i will be ok.

The weight loss is brill tho as i weighed myself this morning and already loss 5lbs since Sunday night :D

Good luck all X


Stubborn tortoise
Rach, a banana binge?!!! (Oh... no.... you WENT bananas. Sorry). :eek:)
No worries, you can be 100% today... we all can!

Moomoo... a 50 day binge!!! That's even worse! Mind you, I've had a few of those myself over the years... seriously, one hiccup after 50 days is no biggie. Treat it as part of the learning curve... it's how you handle these things that matters. Here's to another 50 days!

Enna, welcome... you can do it!

And Yummy... it does get better, promise. Tears can be a part of those first few days but once you're in ketosis you'll feel much happier, safer and more focused. Try the choc shake, it's like hot choc whn made with hot water... I can't bear any of the shakes cold, and drink ones like toffe & walnut, butterscotch & vanilla with coffee to make 'flavoured lattes'. It helps! Chin up!

Rach, a banana binge?!!! (Oh... no.... you WENT bananas. Sorry). :eek:)
god i wish...... i was a woman possessed. if it stayed still for more than ten seconds i tried to eat it. I've been thinking about why i did it this morning - think i might blog it!

anyway - so far so good today!


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