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'cheat night'

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I used to do this in the beginning, and it was ok, but now it's started to affect my losses. I STILL have a treat, but I go for options that are within my allowance. So if I have chinese, I'll have fried rice (4) and a sweet and sour sauce (3) and then cook my own chicken and vegetables up and add them to the sauce, and I'm still well within my 15 syns for the day.

I know some people can have treat night and not have any negative impact on their losses, but it caught up with me.


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My WI is sat morning so I generally have the whole of sat off, as do lots of people in my group, some people call it purple day, some call it their www day (WI, wine and whatever). I've never found it affects me but I've always done it


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Hey :)

I dont really have a 'cheat' night, but I do limit myself to 5 or under syns most days then at the weekend I have a good night out without worrying too much, although I do still count syns as best as possible! I may also have something extra like cheese/mayo with my dinner or a choccy bar after weigh in and I dont count this :) I dont think you would stick to a diet for long if you didnt indulge every now and then!
I usually have a treat after weigh in but I find my losses are better when I have a treat within my syns as opposed to a total blow out. I might get a kebab or a low syn chinese but not chocolate or vice versa


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ive recently restarted sw, but when i did it last year id have a blow out after sw. The weeks i did this i lost 1/2-1lb and the weeks i was 100% the whole time i lost more like 2-3lb. Cos my WI is a thursday sometimes it would lead to me being bad fri and sat also meaning i only got 4 real days on plan! Im trying not to go mad this time but i completely understand the need for it now and again. And hats of to you if it doesnt cause a downwards spiral, like it did with me so many times.


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Yeahh i think your right - I def won't do it every week, but last time I did sw I was really strict, and I just ended up giving up because I was craving so much rubbish. I'm much better this time! I def wont be having a takeaway every WI haha but today I odsn't rally feel guilty or anything. I earned it, I ate it, now I'm drawing a line under it and getting back on plan! :D Plus I am going to work it off at my first ever Zumba tomorrow (eeeeeeeekk!) xxxxx


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I think it's healthy to treat yourself once in a while. If you plan it, you have control over it.. rather than binging when it all gets a bit too much! I'm doing one day/evening a month where I can go out or order something without worrying about SW. I think it's helping because if I really want something then I just think, "oh I'll have that on [insert day]" so I don't feel as if I'm depriving myself of anything. If that even makes sense! :)


Oh and good luck at zumba! x


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I get weighed on a tuesday morning, and i normally have the day off. Yesterday I had a choclate muffin, some crisps white bread etc.
I did exactly the same LAST week on the tues and lost 3lbs this week! When I havent been doing this ive "given up" and craved stuff during the week and ATE it.
Whereas now if there is anything particular I want, its a case of "if i still want it, i'll have it on tuesday"
Altho SW is now taking over my brain, as I went to asda, to get some fruit, some nibbles i could have on tuesday, and some biscuits id been craving, i got ALL fruit and forgot the biscuits!! LOL

But im straight back on plan and chocolate, crisps or aanything wont interested me all week x


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I find if i start having the naughty but nice stuff ( chocolates, pastries etc) then it makes it so so much worse to get back on track, its like it kicks in the cravings all over again, which when i am on plan for a good while i dont get the cravings. bit like a alcoholic cant just have one drink, it will lead to the cravings big time.
I find it just easier to stick to plan, i sometimes have and extra Hi fi bar, or anther bowl of cereal, but still of on plan foods, just more than i *should* have had in a day.

I went to Burghley horse trials for 3 days, put on 4lbs.... but took me almost all week to get back on plan again, as i'd had sugary foods and chocolate etc, and i just craved it all week.
Had to go through the cold turkey all over again.
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The first time I done SW, I used to do this all the time. Rush to the shop and get my favourite chocolate but I'm a month in at the moment and have resisted this old habit. The moment I start eating chocolate, that's when the trouble starts!


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"Treat" nights for me Wednesday (weigh-in) and Friday - usually lose if I'm "good" Saturday to Wednesday with lots of exercise right through the week.


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Hey :)

I dont think you would stick to a diet for long if you didnt indulge every now and then!
That should be how we look at life too - a treat is just that, to treat ourselves every now and then, not every day. I think it's too many treats too often that got us all in this silly overweight position in the first place!
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Most weeks on a Wednesday I have something slightly more naughty than I should - ikea meatballs (with potatoes, and a side salad), or meet friends for coffee and cake, but I try not to go TOO silly, or I'll be off track for the whole week. I just think "what would a slim person eat" - try to be healthy-ish but remember that a little bit of naughtiness is actually good for you. It's when the little bit becomes a big bit and then becomes all the time that the problem starts.

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