Cheb & Helly thinness to fatness and back again.


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I met Helly when we were pregnant and attended the same ante-natal class. We met each week for 6 weeks at our class and of course were both bigger each time we met up! Our babies were born 2 weeks apart, we both had girls they remain great friends 13 years later; as do we.

Having gained the weight together we tried many times to lose it together. We met up each week for a weigh in and used to pay into a kitty, the idea being we'd have the money back at target to spend on clothes. Helly did quite well but I failed miserably; still got my money back. Probably spent it on bigger clothes, can't hide in maternity stuff forever!

We joined WW and later SW, both of which worked for a while and got a couple of stone off but we never managed to keep it up long enough to shift all our weight and ended up gaining it back and a bit more besides. We both went on to have another baby adding another stone or so.

12 years on with the 'baby weight' still hanging about!! DH agreed that I could give LL a try. I heard about LL from another ex WWer, she was doing really well. Helly was dead keen too, as so often before we signed up together. Amazingly we stuck it out, it wasn't always easy but it definitely helped doing it together. Our LL group was great and really supportive, another friend TPott had joined up with us too and we all got on so well with the rest of the members. We stuck out our 100 days, once we were into the habit it didn't seem so difficult. We both SSed on our holidays, which was hard but so satisfying when we got home and had lost weight.

At the end of 100 days we were both 4st lighter and wanted to shift a bit more so swapped to CD. Wow, the flavours were fantastic. So much more variety than LL and the chocolate bars, mmm! We dropped a further stone each before Christmas came and we took a break from SSing. We shopped til we dropped, buying gorgeous partywear that had been off limits for over12 years! I remember a trip to Lakeside when we all stood outside Evans blowing raspberrys, cos everything would now be too big!!

Helly has gone on to train as a CDC and is so busy she needs every day to be longer. It's been lifechanging, I now feel like the person I always wanted to be. I'm much more confident and outgoing, my body is by no means perfect, having lost over 5st I do have loose skin but it is getting firmer and I still rather be slimmer and healthier but with some loose skin than morbidly obese. My DH has also lost over 5st with CD, there's so much more room in the bed these days!

I'd still like to shift a bit more but I'm fairly happy with my present weight and have kept it off since January. I think we'll keep each other on the straight and narrow, having struggled together all these years there's no way I will let Helly go back to her old ways and I know she'll keep her eye on me.

Hi cheb,

What a wonderful story of weight loss and friendship.

Thanks so much for posting your story and congratulations to you and your friends for doing so well and being an inspiration to us all.

Love Mini xxx
Ahh Cheb,
this'll make a great magazine success story, when you all feel ready...

Great stuff :)
That was brilliant. Thank you. This is the very thing that makes this site so inspiring. Well done. love
Wow, thats really has given me inspiration, and enthusiasm, the day I blow rasberrys to Evans will be one to cherish.

Thanks Cheb n Helly
Thaks for sharing that story -- just read it and it has filled me with confidence as I am at the start of my weight loss. So good to hear so many sucessul stories.