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Cheeky questions


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Just wondering if anyone was willing to answer some cheeky questions - feel free to ignore whatever you like but I am after ideas so I can get planning.

How much are you spending on your dress?
What's you approx budget overall?
What kind of venue are you having?
What format are you having for the day?
Are you doing anything surprising or unusual?

As I said - just being very nosy :D:D
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Just to answer my own questions with the info i have so far -

How much are you spending on your dress? I was thinking about £200 max as I am not a girly girl so won't be wearing it ever again

What's you approx budget overall? I was hoping to keep it down to £5k, less if possible and spend more on my honeymoon!

What kind of venue are you having? I have costed up a few hotels locally, and then a castle a bit further away, and the castle is actually cheaper. I would love it, but I am not sure people only invited to the evening reception would travel that far and then add on the cost of their staying overnight - what do you think?

What format are you having for the day? Either family of 40 for lunch and then all my friends for the evening only, or skip the formal lunch and go straight to afternoon wedding and buffet for everyone.

Are you doing anything surprising or unusual? I would love to marry in a castle, and one near here does traditional hand fasting ceremonies as well, so after the civil service you then jump over broomsticks etc. Not sure I can convince OH though.

What about you lovely ladies - any thoughts of what you will be up to?


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Im spending a little more on my dress..... £850. It was the one i liked and yea its only for one day, but i only want to do this once. It all depends what you like, how much your budget is and its your special day...do it your way!

My buget total is about £13000ish, but family are helping out. This includes the honeymoon.

We are getting married in a Castle Barn. Its in the middle of nowhere with only a couple of rooms. So making sure i organise taxis before the day for people. If people want to come to the wedding, they will travel, maybe try to see if you can get deals at your local hotels :)

To cut some of the cost we are not having a wedding breakfast. We get married at 4pm, then buffet at about 7. We have found out we have lots of family so we are having 120 for ceromonie and then an extra 40 people for the evening.

Not really unusual but having an ice cream tricycle (like in ye olde days hehe) with 6 flavours of ice cream that we chose unlimited for everyone there. oooo i like the idea of the castle jumping over broom thing, sounds cool, just tell OH that its your day and you really really want to do it, maybe try to cry hehe, only joking, im sure you can twist their arm somehow :p . Hope that helped a little


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Thats fab. An ice cream tricycle sounds great. A mate of mine had a bucking bronco at her 40th a few months ago and I thought that was a fund idea for the evening too - or maybe an inflatable slide for the kids.
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hi, my dress is £810 and i love it, i wouldve paid so much more for it. out of all the dresses i tried on i picked it then found out it was actually the cheapest. as ally1985 said its what you like and its your day. were getting married at the red rock canyon in las vegas on 31st march 2012. we have two kids and were staying at the wynn hotel for 4 nights and then going straight to disneyland orlando for a further 4 nights. the total cost for this trip inc. flights, accom and the wedding and all transfers for the 4 of us is £6,400. were having a party when were back with personalised casino chips as wedding favours and the wedding dvd playing in the background. i know vegas isnt that unusual nowadays but its what my partner and i have always wanted and were lucky to have 12+ guests coming out to witness the wedding and hit the casinos with us on our wedding day! our total budget is gonna be around the £10,000 mark.... hopefully lol. congratulations to both of you. xx
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Hi Egbert,Congratulations to you! Im getting married in Sep 2012 and i have not picked a dress yet but like the ones above i would b spending a bit more on the dress (no more than 800 im hoping) even tho its only for one day! If you are wanting to spend a lower ammount i would reccomend BHS, their website has some lovely wedding dresses. Some of the stores around the UK stock them but you can get them ordered to your nearest store i think! Im trying to keep my budget to around 8000 as like you i want to have more to spend on the honeymoon!:) im getting married in an old building in my town that hold ceremonies then onto a hotel for an evening meal and party! i dont know if i will be doing anything unusual yet but i would like to do something different that doesnt cost a fortune, really trying to keep costs low as poss as we r paying 4 it ourselves! I was thinking maybe of doing those chinese lanterns at nite time but not sure yet! I would love to hear other ppls plans as like all of you probably are im obsessed with weddings at the minute lol xx


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I was looking at peridress.co.uk. They have some lovely dresses that seem very reasonable. I'm going to try some on in shops to find a style, then look on here for something similar.

I like the idea of Chinese lanterns but they can be white dangerous and knowing my luck it will be me that catches on fire!
I get marries in just over 5 weeks - eek!

I have spent £200 on my dress which is from Littlewoods :) we are having our ceremony in Edinburgh as my o/h is Scottish although we live in Leics. 8 members of our close family are attending and we are having a meal in the evening - simples.

I don't like being looked at hence the small wedding....we have a photographer for an hour only so we won't be having too many snaps of the same 10 people. Lol

Honeymoon is New York for 3 nights followed by a 5* all Inc hotel in Mexico for 11 nights. Can't wait for the holiday as I haven't had any time off from work in forever.


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How much are you spending on your dress? £500

What's you approx budget overall? I have a £5000 budget and everything is now sorted and i have spent just under £4000 so i now have £100 for an awesome honeymoon

What kind of venue are you having? our venue is a local pub that has a bar below the main public bit :) they do a £3.69 carvery that we are having as the wedding breakfast and then taking everyone downstairs to party!!

What format are you having for the day? traditional church wedding all kicks off at 3 :)

Are you doing anything surprising or unusual? well my H2B has a 6 inch Mohawk...so its always a bit unusual
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My dress and accessories cost 750...I love it, just got to fit in it properly.

Our budget was 5000 it has increased to 8000 because I majorly undercosted everything
We are getting married in a hotel at the end of our road, its a lovely old fashioned shabby chic type affair with wood panelling and wonky floor boards lol. We have 50 for ceremony and wedding breakfast and 100 in the evening.

We can't afford to have musicians so we are just going to have a disco, and if we can save the money together we will have some falconry with the guests. We are getting married at the venue at 12.30, which is pretty early and I'm worried the guests will get bored, but its the only time the registry office could fit us in, and the only day the venue was free around the time we wanted.

We are asking guests for money towards a honeymoon, and then we'll do a last minute booking straight after the wedding....should be interesting!!!! Need to stop worrying, OH tells me I'm turning into a Bridezilla.

Anyway goodluck with your planning! I love the idea of Chinese lanterns egbert I was thinking of having them to end the day too.


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Hey Im wendy.
My dress is costing me £200 to hire has I'm a short ass lol.
My budget is £3000 but its well under that at moment and only 9 months to go hehe.
Our wedding is at our local town hall then onto a working mens club for our reception.
Format is ceremony at 1pm then reception at 4pm with lots of dancing and eating lol oh and maybe a few tipples hehe. Will then be spending our wedding nite in a hotel near our home :)
Only unusual thing is my mum giving me away :)
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How much are you spending on your dress? The dress i fell in love with is £705 even though i budgeted £500 I only want to do this once so im having the one i love!
What's you approx budget overall? Originally had a low Budget of £6000 but Now its about £10000 - £11000.
What kind of venue are you having? Traditional Church wedding and then a hotel reception.
What format are you having for the day? Ceremony is at 1pm .. Then to hotel for wedding breakfast sit down about 4 and then evening reception kickin off about 7 - 8pm with a pigroast

Hope everyones planning is going well!! x


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I am Planning on spending around £250 on it but may need extra alterations on top of that.
What's you approx budget overall? I think the overall costs will be about £10,000 including the honeymoon, the wedding itself I estimate at £8000 but my parents and my mother in law are hugely contributing towards that. (My MIL is paying for the venue for the ceremony - The Castle of Mey in Caithness, former holiday home of the Queen Mother - and my humanist celebrant, and my parents are paying for the meal and wedding dance in a local hotel.
Only 8 1/2 months to go!

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