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You can do it, i always find weekends harder as i dont have the distractions that i do when im working.
Dont give up your first weigh in will make you feel fantastic


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I started on a saturday- It doesnt make a differnce what day it is- the reality is the first week is hard whatever day you start on. but it DOES get easier. hang in there and after your first weigh in you will be soaring :Dxxx
No no no - no giving up allowed! :D

Hang tough - as you can see, we all made it through day one - you will too. Then you will mke it through day two, and soon it will be week three, then month two, and so on!

It's just one day to get through - then yu have the proof you need to do it again, and its just 24 short hours!

Try to occupy yourself with something nice. Hot bubble bath with a good book, a good rom com on the dvd, a walk in the refreshing blustery weather, anything....just keep your mind off food. But when it does cross your mind - reaffirm to yourself you are not saying goodbye to food forever, only temporarily. Don't greive it - embrace what the very very short sacrifice in a lifes time will give you in the end...your dream. It is worth every minute you struggle initially - and not very long into the diet - that is just what it feels like: minutes.

Come on cheeky! Bolster yourself up, focus, and power through! :)

Cheeky, do you have a pop in this week rather than having to wait a week to get weighed? If not, could you ring your counsellor and ask? I found this gave me the biggest boost ever, I started LL on a day when I had to get a train to London and spend all day at a graduate fair, total torture with all the snack bars around, but I kept myself going knowing that I had a weigh in on the evening of day 2. I lost 6lbs in 2 days, so that certainly gave me the encouragement I needed!

If all else fails, then try and pop to bed for a couple of hours, I used to have a bit of a sleep in the afternoon,and when I got up it felt like a new day!

Hang on in there, just keep telling yourself you have CHOSEN to do this!!!

Sending good thoughts xxxx


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i have just joined lighter life and am struggling already....what a day to start on weekend.....feel like i'm greving and want to give up already! HELP:sigh:

Hi cheeky and welcome!! :) Yeah the first day does suck, but as the other peeps have said it gets easier and easier every day! Honestly it goes in stages but by week 3 I felt on top of the world, not hungry in the slightest (wasnt from about day 4) and I can see and be around food without being desperate to have it.

Maybe spend some time going window shopping with a mate, or browsing at clothes on the net, the sort of dream clothes you want to be in at the end of your diet, and looking forward to that will occupy your mind through these tough few days....please hang in there it's so worth it!! good luck!! :)
Noooooo please don't give up - this diet is so worth it when you get on the scales and see the numbers drop and when your clothes start falling off you. Honestly after the first couple of days it really is fine, just get yourself through this bit.

Tell yourself it's one day at a time .... and good luck xx
Hi Cheeky Hang in there, remember why you bothered to start the journey.

Pamper yourself, and nice bubbly bath, then snuggle up with a big duvet.

Go for it girl you can do it.

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