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Cheese and broccoli soup and Fruits of the forest shake

Here Here.

Cannot stand the cheese soup, and FOF is minging!
Yeah I know!!! The fruits of the forest one makes me feel so awful - I had one for breakfast yesterday!! Its slightly better as a mouse than a shake but even then.

To be honest - I tend to just live on one flavour!! God bless Chocolate Mint!!


jelly belly
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i can only take to
choc,bananna and strawberry shakes
so thast all i have

soups are yuk


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Can I just share? I just whipped up an amazing toffee and walnut muffin. utterly amazing. tastes like cookie dough...
Hated FOF, and tomato!

I agree about the choclate mint tho, God love it!


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I agree with the cheese and broccoli soup, its dire. I can drink the fruits of the forest shake though, I only have 1 every 14 days, its ok but i couldnt live on them :p


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I love the c&b soup!! and tomato soup!! ......... not so keen on FoF except in summer with lots of crushed ice. Oh well someone has to drink them!!!


I STILL mean it!
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I like FoF ice cream, made with one shake pack, 300 ml water & 3 tsp psyllium husks. Not bad at all.
Ann xxx
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I remember when CD announced they were bringing out a new flavour pack (around Christmas time) ... we all tried to guess what it would be - Christmas pudding bar? Choc orange shake??

No - Broccoli and Cheese soup!! HMMPH!! :mad:


Wants to be a yummy mummy
yuck, I agree with the FOF too...

Only choc and banana for me, both shake and tetra!!
ughhhhhhh chese and mingin soup/baby vomit
nuff said!:jelous:
I (did) quite like the cheese and broccoli! Now all I can think of is sour posset ..... yuk!
I hate the chocolate
Like the spicy tomato! Banana tetra makes me shudder.....


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OMG I feel quite ill now. Going to see CDC this afternoon and was thinking about which shakes and soups to have. I liked the cheese and broccoli soup when I did CD before but won't ever be able to think about it the same way now! Looks like i'll be sticking to chicken and mushroom or oriental chilli!
Yeah - like chocolate toothpaste! Bleugh!
Oooh I like the cheese and broccoli soup,not that keen on fruits of the forest shake.Also tried a butterscotch shake this morning which was disgusting I had to force myself to drink it nearly caved in and chucked it followed with a rather large drink of water.

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