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Cheese and wine night

Hi Everyone

I'm just wondering what people would do in this situation ? We've invited our neighbours around for cheese and wine on sat night. I think I'd like 2 glasses of wine (12syns) and obviously some cheese....... I'm thinking of having a green day and for this day only spending all healthy A's and B's on cheese. This would leave the syns free for the wine. I may need a few syns for scan bran too and plan to bulk out the meal with cherry toms, cucumber slices, pickled onions etc. The next dilema is shall I just cut myself 4 small match box sized pieces of the cheeses ? I cant bring the scales out and start weighing (although I could have some ready weighed pieces that I sneak from the fridge instead of cutting off from the main pieces of cheese on the cheese board, although we have some waxed ones that wouldnt be opened until guests are here?).

How would you handle an evening like this and still stay on plan. I may save a few syns towards the evening too.

Thanks for any cunning ideas !
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I reckon I would weigh out my cheese in advance and have them in the kitchen. Then put out all the cheeses and pour everyone some wine, then while everyone is helping themselves go to the kitchen and get yours and wander in with your plate, they will all be so busy getting themselves some cheese they will never notice. I have done that before and people tend to get very distracted by filling their plates!

I think I would do some other bits too though, like some homemade dips and crudite and coleslaw and maybe some syn free bhajis / falafel? At my new year party we put a cheese board out with baby beetroot and everyone was loving that.
Thanks for your ideas Jules, I'm leaning towards the idea of pre-weighing and to be honest I dont think anyone would notice (or even if they did, its no big deal really).

Do you think its ok to have 4 healthy extras of cheese (just as a one off ?), the rest of my week should be pretty varied!
I think I'd weigh out as much cheese as I could into Hex size potions, that way it will look like you've made an effort to display the cheese, rather than 'sneaking' off for your own cheese.

I'd definately have this much cheese in one night as a one off & I'd have my syns on a weekly basis that way you can have more than two glasses of wine:D

If you're having a green day how about having some wedges as well to eat.
I would weigh out my cheese beforehand too. That way you know exactly how much you have had & if you have them as your healthy extra's this will save on syns too.

You could syn some scan bran pieces for 1 syn each or if you fancy something different I quite like Ritz crackers which are also 1 syn each.
And some Primula light cheese, this is 2 syns per 25g worth or 75g as HEA.

I'd also make up lots of salad to have with it all, that way you can have a nice plate of cheese & biccies but also fill up on the salad aswell.

Have you thought about also making a syn free houmous, this would also be nice with some carrot batons & would go nice with the cheese & biscuits. Or even some mini quiches. I made these once when we had a bbq & no one knew they were a sw recipe ;)
I hope you have a lovely night. xxxx


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Good idea to weigh out your cheese.
Also I bought some 'posh' crackers over Christmas we never got round to eating, from our local deli. Can't remember what they're called but they come in different varieties - basil, celery, rosemary. Anyhoo they were only 20kcals a cracker so just 1 syn each, and they were quite fancy. So it might be worth picking something like this up and checking the kcals - no-one would have a clue you bought them because they're low in syns!

It's funny you posted this as I'm going to our local pub next Wednesday on a cheese & cider & perry night!
I too was planning on doing a green day and using all 4 HEXs for cheese, avoiding the bread and filling up on salad and a few olives. I'll just drink diet coke so my days syns will be used for the cheese too! Although as I'm in the pub it will be a bit trickier for me to guague the amounts... so at least you will be in a bit more control!

Have a lovely time x


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I don't know what weight watchers wine is like and off the top of my head dont know the syn value as I've never had it, but i think its less syns than normal wine, also why dont you just flexi syn the night?
I love cheese but recently found out I'm lactose intolerant so can't have much (boo!) but I'll have a tiny little bit every now and then just so I'm not missing out on the taste. If you didn't mind telling a little fib and you don't wanna tell your friend you are doing SW, maybe you could say you are intolerant and just have tiny nibbles? Alternatively, if I were in your situation (and not intolerance to all that lovely dairy) I'd just eat my share and fill up on salad etc!

Hope you enjoy your evening! X
Re. Weight Watchers wine. Don't do it! It's 'orrid...and gives you a horrendous hangover! xx
I totally agree and it's not even less syns than normal yummy wine lol! xx
peachy7 said:
Ellellie my aunt has lactose free cheese however I have no idea what its like, don't know whether you've tried already...
I have seen it in the shops but the OH won't try it and he is a cheese lover too. I think it's easier for me to just cut cheese out or have tiny bits of really nice cheese just to get the flavour! Over Christmas I had loads of little bits and was fine. I think I'm mainly bad when I have loads of all of them! To be honest I'm glad it's not an allergy because then I wouldn't be allowed any cheese! Mmmm Stilton! I want some now!
Hi Everyone

Thank you so much for all your ideas of different side bits and how to cope with monitoring the amount of cheese.

I've decided to do some salady nibbly bits too, so I can fill up on those, I'll have my measured amounts of cheese and proper wine - lol !

This is strange though, I've just had a call from my consultant to see how I'm getting on, which is absolutely lovely and I really appreciate it. BUT, when I told her of my plan to have all A's and B's as cheese on green plan, she said I couldnt do this as B's were for fibre! I guess she's thinking about extra easy ??? I didnt like to say actually B's on green can be cheese!

Thanks againx
Elliellie, I know I'm very late at writing on this but the Lactofree cheese is scrummy, it melts really well on pasta and omelettes and if you gave it to your other half he might not even know the difference!

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