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cheese triangles&oats...


Violet is shrinking
well im not sure what to do now..i bought some low fat cheese spread,like philedelphia to have on bread or toast, it was ok but i cant tell how much im having so i thought i would change to cheese traingles,as i can work out per triangle...

went to asda today and all the cheese triangles are over 5gs per 100g :mad:

went to look at porridge,oats so simple are over too :mad:

went to see if i could have a go ahead bar or similar and guess what...they over too :mad:

i did find some weight watchers lemon slices though, on offer too :D
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Taking the Scenic Route..
Aww hun never mind! There are lots of other yummy low fat things out there ;) Like the lemon slices as you said, which i bought a pack of in Asda today also! :p

Ps hun..the WW Double choc brownie was to die for!! Beautiful...and thank god not too sweet! Much nicer than any full fat version i have ever had...well worth a try xx


Violet is shrinking
hi fru, have you recovered? he he :)

im going to have a lemon slice for my elevenses tomorrow :D
oooooooooooh,i totally forgot to get the ww brownie..i'll pick them up tomorrow ;)


Violet is shrinking
now i am confuddled :confused:

the laughing cow i picked up was a light one,and it was over 5g per 100g?:confused:
weight watchers also do cheese triganles.....

but i do prefer the extra light laughing cows.... (they are purple) :)

if you like the philidelphia, try adding sweet chilli sauce on top of that on toast... HMMMMM YUM!


Violet is shrinking
thanks god for the purple laughing cows ;)

thanks kitty and kes..:D


Taking the Scenic Route..
Yes bunny i have just about recovered ;)
Hope you finally found your cheese hun!

When is your weigh in day? xx


Violet is shrinking
its monday *gulp* im soooooooooooooo tempted to get on the scales ,i went to do it earlier and talked myself out of it :rolleyes:

people are going to think im mad but ive rang up asda and they dont do the purple ones! ive rang my nearest tesco and they dont either...my mum is going shopping later so im going to ask her to look for me :D
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Taking the Scenic Route..
LoL!!! You like your cheese dont you! ;)
Aww hope she gets them for you hun xx


Violet is shrinking
Hi Fru,i love cheese!! :drool:

i dont eat meat or fish so cheese was my love ;)

im going to get my hands on those triangles if its the last thing i do lol! :D

Here is a picture of it. Don't go by what the shops say over the phone. I just tried to find them both online and they arent listed on either site, but unless you have a tiny shop - like a Local one, then they'll both stock it. When you phone them, they use the online thing like i tried, so will say they dont have it. In fact, the tesco site only have one Laughing Cow product online, but they had them all when i went in last night.


Violet is shrinking
thanks soooo much :)

im about to go and have a look online now..we do have a co-op but i hardly go in there,but i will try there too :D

I agree about the go ahead bars,they are a absolute joke! i had some weight watchers jam today,which was surprisingly nice,considering its low :D

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