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Ready For Change!
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Just wanted to thank you all for the cheesecake recipe...
Almost fell off the wagon and put a vanilla cheesecake in my trolley...
when i passed the cereal bar isle i changed my mind and opted for the quork version, ive yet to try it but know i'll feel so much better with my choice!

For those who havent come across it...
  • Alpen light (fudge) warmed in the microwave (HE.B) or (3 syns per bar)
  • Quork
  • Splenda
  • Vanilla essence
  • White choc options sachet (2syns)
with fresh strawberries as im on an EE day...
If anyone has anymore yummy cheesecake versions id love to try them... cheesecake is my guilty pleasure!
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read something similar, using the alpen light choc and orange bars and a choc orange options sachet...sounds yum, cant wait to try it just cant seem to get my hands on the choc orange bars!!


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going to be a pain in the bum now sorry..
how many alpen bars?
is it 1 tub of quark
and how much splenda?
would really like to try this many thanks claire
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Just had this for tea and it was absolutely delicious. I could not believe it! I used an Alpen summer fruit bar with quark, choc options and splenda! Will be on the menu often! :)


Ready For Change!
S: 15st5.5lb C: 14st11lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(3.94%)
Hey guys sorry for leaving it so long to reply....
I used 2 aplen light bars (for a thick base)
half a tub of quark
1 sachet of options
and a tablespoon of splenda (do it to taste)

Ive tried it with one bar, but i wanted a thicker base, ive also tried it with a whole tub of quark and its far too much!

The chocolate orange base and top is lovely, ive tried a few flavours, think i need to have another play around and find the wow factor!
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Sounds yum!


Ready For Change!
S: 15st5.5lb C: 14st11lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(3.94%)
i made mine in a small ramakin!


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Omg think ive gone to heaven!!!! Just made cheese cake, alpen summer fruits, using the White choc options. I have summer berries in freezer defrosted some and layered on the top( blackberry, cranberry, red and black currents) It was so easy to make, and will definitely be making it again


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How long do you warm your Alpen light bars for?


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454g very low fat cottage cheese
454g very low fat fromage frais
1 sachet sugar free jelly crystals made up with 1/2 pint boiling water and allowed to cool

blitz up the cottage cheese and fromage frais and 3/4 of the jelly mixture. Pour into a dish and allow the set a little in the fridge, pour the remaining jelly on top and allow to completely set.

If you make this cheesecake with digestive biscuit base it tastes just like the real thing its lush! I also like it baseless. With no base its 2 syns for the lot and you do get a LOT

I used orange jelly but you can use any flavour
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Ali, was going to do something similar myself with a sugar free strawberry jelly but have to use Lidl 0.2% fat Linessa light soft cheese as there is no such thing as low fat quark or fromage frais in Cyprus. No taste to this 'cheese' except sort of yoghurty flavour so think it will take a flavouring very well.

Now trying to source the base as some recipies call for Graham crackers half fat or in this thread, low fat Alpen bars which again, I haven't seen over here but there again, never really looked. I do know that stuff like Options or W.W. choc drinks are only available for expat discount shops which means few and far between and go like hot cakes...pardon the pun.

Any one got an ideas for a low fat base which, hopefully, I might be able to get here?


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I tried this today - didn't think much to it when I made it with the Alpen on the bottom then the quark on top - thought it quite sickly.
Instead of wasting it I took it out of the glass and mixed it together with some frozen raspberries and it changed the taste altogether - mixed about 125gms quark, a bit of sweetener, Cadburys Highlights (11gm portion- 2syns) together then mixed in 2 Alpen bars which I had put in the micro for 10secs just so I was able to crumble them. Then added the raspberries and gently mixed together and put back in the glass.
Only ate half of it and when I came to eat the other half tonight it was not nice - the Alpen was soggy and it all stuck together.
Will have it again but only use half the above and eat it straight away.

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