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chewing gum and coke zero question


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Hi everyone

I seem to have a question every day for you all!

Well, I am now on day 19 of ss and thought i would weigh myself this morning to try and get abit of motivation for the weekend. Hadnt weighed myself since day 14. wish i hadnt because i have only lost 1 and a half pounds! oh dear.

I have been chewing a packet of sugar free gum each day and also been drinking 2 cans of coke zero - could this have had such an effect?

Also, i am due for my totm in a day or so - could this also be having an effect?

I'm still determined to see this through - i wont give up! - but its just abit disheartening when the scales slow down so much!
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Morning Jodie,

Weight loss on CD is not always uniform - quite often you can stay the same weight for a few days and then suddenly the next day the scales will drop.

TOTM could be affecting your weight - Many ladies retain water leading up to and away from TOTM. Personally water retention around TOTM can make my weight fluctuate by up to 7lbs :eek:.

Not sure about the gum and coke zero as I don't have either.

Sometimes we do have weeks with lower, and occasionally nil losses - but then the following weeks loss is usually a larger one to make up for it. The trick is to stay focused and remember that if you are sticking to SS 100% you must be losing even if you can't see it on the scales yet.

Take care and have a lovely weekend


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Jodie - stay away from the scales!!! Weight loss can vary day to day .... and on average you will lose a stone a month on SS. That works out at 3.5lb per week ... but some weeks you'll have more, some weeks maybe less. I try to get my clients to look at the monthly, rather than weekly and certainly not daily losses.

Yes TOTM can alter fluid retention - keep glugging the water as it helps to get rid of fluid retention the more water you have.

Maybe cut your diet coke down to 1 can a day and see if that helps. As far as chewing gum goes, i advise against it, as whenever you chew your stomach produces acid to digest the food it thinks is going to arrive - when nothing goes into your stomach you have acid in there doing nothing.

Hope you have a good weight loss on your weigh in - and don't forget to measure yourself too.
Hi JodieJoJo, this shouldnt have too much of an effect i have more than my share of diet coke/pepsi and also have loads of sugar free gum - without it i would not be able to cope.... It could be likely that its because its your totm or that could definately effect it.

I have stood on scales that have said im the same and then when ive gone in for my weekly weigh in i have lost - who knows when it comes to scales....

Have you found the coke/gum has helped you??


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Hi Sophie
Yea i think i shall just wait till i get "officially weighed" next week when i see my cdc. Its so tempting to keep getting on the scales but it really doesnt help!
I have stopped the chewing gum since yesterday as i'm not sure if its helping or not. I am still having the coke zero though - i'm totally addicted to the stuff! its so nice isnt it? I find it really helps and takes away the hunger pangs in the evenings.


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i have both (althought coke in moderation and maybe not a packet of gum a day :D) and still lose, two days ago i was moaning that the scales hadn't moved an ounce (my wi day is monday) and today they have dropped 4lb from then!!! :eek:

So just stick with it, moderate the coke and gum and you'll be fine ;)

Keep in there girl, I have the coke zero, i have that as my treat. I don't have the gum as I find I want to eat. I am not having bars at the moment either incase that makes me want to eat. But hang on in there, TOTM really plays games with my scales. But you retain water yet you are still burning off the fat. Have you tried a ketostix? That will tell you if you are still burning. x

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