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Chick Pea Dahl - Portion?

I'm planning to have Asda Chick Pea Dahl tomorrow with either some rice or SW chips.......would 1/2 a tin be enough?.....really stuck up on portions. I know they say eat til satisfied but having come from VLC diet last year I think my views on this are not real if that makes sense.
I need to eat more "normal" portions but dont know what that is anymore.

Thanks in advance
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When I started SW at the beginning I ate HUGE portions because I could- that is the beauty of SW. Over time I have come to realise that portion control was a big problem for me and as my weight dropped I have gradually started addressing this. In the old days I would have had the full tim on a large jacket, and this is still fine if it is actually what it takes to satisfy you. Now I would either have a full tin in a bowl on its own OR half a tin with a small portion of rice or jacket.

Why don't you have half with rice/spuds and then if after you have finished eating you are still hungry, have the other half?

We are having this tonight aswell - its yummy!! I will prob do 2 tins & a small portion of rice each, but then there are myself & hubby & 2 children. I could easy eat a full tin to myself though becuase its soooooooooo nice!!

Mrs V

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I generally have a whole tin too and then a small portion of either rice, or syn free chips to go with it.
I cooked half a tin last night then did the last half straight after as it was so nice


Will be thin god dammit!!
Arrrrrrggghhh my Adsa NEVER have it in!!!!
Oh wow, I've just tried this for lunch and it's sooooo yummy! Tastes far too nice to be 'thin' food.:D I had the whole tin with some cripsbread and cheese triangles.


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I ALWAYS have a full tin, and add HEAPS of mushroms to it, too! lol That gives me my 1/3 SF, 'allowing' me to have it with a full portion of tricolour/pilau rice from Asda (usually with onion and peppers added, and fried/simmered in a little stock), making the whole meal for well under 5 syns (different rices vary) - feels like a big take away portion, but tastes even better.

Couldn't imagine having half a can? lol


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This is Slimming World...you CAN be a little piggy, when the mood takes you! :))))


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ABout to have a full tin of it with brown rice for my tea. Love the stuff but don't go to ASDA v. often so tend to buy it in bulk.
I take a full tin and stir in some onions(pre fried in frylight), Butternut squash, spinach and chicken pieces. It then does me 2 meals. I serve it with rice or a jacket potato.


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I have a full tin with Uncle Bens Express Rice for my lunch in work, it's delicious!
is the sundar one a gd as the asda one? i dont think i will like this anyway but want to try it. and asda doesnt have it :( does tesco do one?
Havent tried the sundar one yet but heard its good.....not sure about Tesco could only find this:
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
Tesco Chickpea Dhal, chilled 225g pack

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
3½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 9½ Syns
Green 3½ Syns


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