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chicken salad????????????


i think it will. I also think once you go down the route of eating it's harder and harder each time to get back on track. Try to stay focused and stick to the plan and when you get to week of add a meal you will feel more in control to deal with it.

Good Luck on weigh in.

Don't do it!

How much do you want to lose the weight?

Once you start on the little cheats they become big cheats...

I'd lost 52 lbs but have now regained 15 of that as I keep cheating & am struggling with staying on the straight and narrow. For yummy mouthfuls it's not worth the heartache...

Have a 2nd pack.

Please stick to the packs. You can have a feast with the packs you have left for the day. It would be an enormous mistake to have a chicken salad now after getting through your first week so well.

Good Luck with your weigh in.

Dizzy x
ok thanks i think i will give it a miss and have a veg soup pack instead. cheers girls x x x x x
i need to lose the weightbadso thats another reason why i shouldnt but its calling my name. i feellike im letting you lot down if i give in, this site is so weird ha ha ha ha
Enjoy the Chicken soup and do be sure to have you third shake too.

Remember to let us know your weigh in results won't you?

Dizzy x
Yeah, this site is addictive and your right it feels like were in it together. Keep it going and you will be so pleased with yourself. Treat yourself in other ways.

yeah defo, i cantr wait for weigh in really excited it feels like ive lost loads. mid week i had lost 8lbs (see tracker) so fingers crossed
Stick to the plan girl! Have that soup pack! We all fancy something once in a while and it will not do you any good! Keep focused, go and have a nice hot bath with some smellies, read a book or stick on a DVD! JUST DON'T EAT!!!
sorry, that was put up by accident.

Meant to say "Good on u for sticking to the packs. That's the only way you are guaranteed a good loss." You should feel really pleased that you didn't have that chicken salad. Let us know how you got on at wi later.

yeah i will dodefocant wait to tell everyone, ive had compliments of my husband about my weight and that strange coz he dont normally coment as he says he dont care but i think ive lost quite a bit this week, just cant wait to get these 3 weeks out of the way so i can do aam and acctually chew food, i think thats what i miss most, do you know if you can have chewing gum?
You are doing great YM and I promise you that however good you think that salad will taste it is nothing compared to getting to your goal weight and knowing you have suceeded in losing weight safely, properly and that you had the willpower to stick with it.

thanks everyone for you advise and i think that ill stick with soup, im off for weigh in now so ill post when i get back

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