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Chicken soup misery

Hi all.....well....I like the chicken soup!! Thank God!! Now I don't love it, would prefer my own one make from boiled bone stock. But desperate times means desperate soups!
Are we allowed use black pepper??

Thornhill Cate

50+ and fabulous
People do but I read on here somewhere a few weeks ago that you really shouldn't so I don't, but I'm not really into pepper that much anyway so it doesn't bother me.
i looked up lioptrin recipes online and was amaxed to see what people do with them.....Ive followed one today which was to make the choc into a thick paste, spread it on foil and freeze and hey presto you have a bar of chocolate...it actually tastes ok and its nice to chew something bit by bit, look up lipotrim recipes online and you will see people make allsorts for the sachets
Thanks Thornhill and Daisee. Still such a newbee.....might just do stuff the normal way for awhile. I just really hope I can sleep tonight with a rumbling tummy all night!!
wow love the chocolate freezing idea!! yum!!

I couldnt sleep the first night... I was so hungry and was feeling so cold and low. But today i feel so good that im sure ill sleep really well. Just watched the motivational slideshow on here and I feel so confident that Im going to succeed! keep at it girls :) x
It does all sound yummy, but my chemist says people at lipotrim says shouldn't heat or freeze anything really as it interferes with the nutrients in it so im not going to bother, but would love to!
Im sure once in a while would be ok though... i have got to give it a go, I cant imagine it interferes too much if at all. If im gonna be on this for the next 4 or 5 months, im gonna try to make it a little more exciting occasionally... and making a chewy bar sounds awesome. If its only now and again it isnt really gonna make a difference to lose a few nutrients (although i doubt it would anyway). Arent you at least curious to try it?! i cant wait to lol
I'm with you on that one, Claire. I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat and am convinced that if I don't follow all the guidelines to the letter then the wrath of the great diet god will rain down on me and I will put on a stone overnight. What a wimp, eh?! :ashamed0005:
Lol! I know what ya mean cuz I can't bring myself to have sweeteners as I cannot see how they are helpful whereas others do. I just know having a biochemist background, that freezing something like this cannot have a noticeable affect on the nutritional value... Especially not in the sense that it could inhibit your weight loss. MAYBE some micrograms of minerals would be ever so slightly affected. But nothing worth worrying about if ur only trying it once or twice!!! I'm doing mine first thing tomorrow lol :p
Lol. Let us know how you get on with it. I'm still plucking up enough courage to try the chicken soup! :D
Lol good luck! I think maybe I didn't put enough water with it... I thought it might be nicer a little thicker... Don't do that lol. I think if its watery its more bearable. But I won't be having it again!! Have u made the choc shake into a hot drink at all? I'm curious to try it as it says u can in the info. But wondering if it's nice???
Some people like it hot but not many that I've read. I love it mixed into cold peppermint tea. Want to try it with crushed ice cubes but can't trust myself to look in the ice box as I know there are other goodies lurking within!
He he yeah know what you mean.. My daughters turkey dinosaurs in the freezer keep talking to me when I get out ice cubes lol. The peppermint tea thing sounds good... Will get some tomorrow :) thanks for the tip!


Is a loser! ;-)
I love the strawberry shakes, they see the only ones I can drink without heaving! Haha
Might get one chicken soup for next week as I miss warm food!
I've taken to a hot black tea in the evening to make me feel warm!
When I tried the choc shake it was a bit sicky for my liking!
I've gotta agree here - I find the chicken soup vile! Chocolate shakes all the way for me, I get my fella to use his muscles and whisk it up really frothy for me! He spent about 10mins on it one day and served it up with an umbrella, stirrer and straw cocktail-style! Haha! Wasn't quite the same but points for trying! The chocolate does taste a bit like slimfast choc shakes actually...
Oh, Squeeze86, I tried the chocolate as a hot drink but I wasn't too keen, so I just stick to them cold now... close my eyes and pretend it's a milkshake!

yeh i thought that... and i LOVE slim fast. I put mine in a shaker with ice cubes and shake til my arms kill lol. and its just lush. tonight my mum whos also on LT just made hers into a mousse with a little water and she said it was divine to have the intensity of flavour. Im going to do that too tomorrow :) but yeh.. chicken soup = YAK!!!!
Another reason I try not to cheat is to get out of the habit of cheating, I want to be able to focus on why I cheat and how I eat when on a normal diet. It's the addiction to food we are all trying to break and I feel cheating (for me) is not worth while as you are staying in the cheating mindset we are all trying to break. I understand wanting to make the shakes into something tasty but do not see the point because i might end up craving the real thing, or get addicted to cheating again so im not going to bother, but good luck to anyone else that trys it :)

I tried hot chocolate shake with peppermint tea, never again lol, I had to force it down, havent tried it hot on its on but dont want to chance it just in case I dont like it lol, im such a wimp!
making the shake into a mousse is not cheating.. its actually in the instructions of lipotrim and is just a variation that is suggested by lipotrim themselves. Its on the bag the pharmacy supply.. "to make into a mousse add 2 ounces of water" etc. As long as you then drink the water difference after, its a safe and recommended way of variating your diet.

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