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Chicken Soup.....



Here we go again!
Give it a go, you might like it. Last time on this I had the soup every night for tea for the first 2 weeks then really went off it.

A lot of people like it, you might too. Perhaps buy an extra soup at your next weigh in to try, that way if you don't like it you can still have a shake instead.


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I love the chicken soup. Best advise is to try it. You never know you could be one of the ones that like it!!!!

Niamh xxx
Think I might give it a go.. it'll be nice just to have something warm and savoury. Craving savoury stodgy foods today :/ bad!


Here we go again!
Just remember not to mix it in a shaker. You will have a chicken soup explosion if you do!
Hi Hon,

I personally don't like it, but I know lots who do! Its nice to have something warm sometimes. Here is my tips for making it because its a bit tricky.
Put the soup mix in your shaker with cold water and shake up until all the lumps are out of it, then you can pour it into a bowl or cup and microwave it for 3 mins! Always worked for me but since I really like the shakes I don't have it anymore, good luck


Doing it exante style :)
I hated the soup, but i guess its down to everyones taste.
However, i got a recipe on here to use the chicken soup and make crisps and it was bloody lovely :)

Clair x
I would love that recipe if you can remember it Clair, i have 2 soups a day and am now using my 3rd shake (vanilla) mixed in a little water with coffee and tea, a little lumpy but i find it so much better than no milk (in my head i now have milky coffee :)


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I have mine in a cup as a cuppa soup....but drink it whilst its hot as once it starts to cool down its grossssss....lol
I started off loving the soups for the first two weeks, then I discovered the wonders of adding coffee to the vanilla and chocolate so went off it a bit, but I still get a couple each week and have them when I'm feeling cold. They remind me of the soup you sometimes get in a chinese restaurant. When you have a set luch time menu and the soup is a first course. To my palette, it seems to have a bit of a soy sauce flavour. It's not bad. Try it, you never know, you may like it. Oh, and this will sound really odd but I like to dip a wet tea spoon into the packet and suck the spoon! It gives me a real 'savoury' hit when I need it! xXx


Doing it exante style :)

These were the recipes that were posted on here. Hope its helpful :)
They say that you should only "cook" with your packs once a day tho as it take some of the nutrients out

Chocolate/Vanilla/strawberry Flavours
1.Put a little BOILING WATER into a ramekin dish, or whatever you have - thick mug or similar (about 2 desert spoons to begin with - you can add more later if necessary)

2. Add the choc pack (or whatever flavour you desire) and mix it to a THICK PASTE so thick you think it’s too thick!

3. Put into the microwave on high for just over a minute - if it looks a bit soggy in the middle put it back for about 10 seconds or so.....

Ice Cream
Put 11 ice cubes in a liquidiser (a strong one) and crush the ice. Add a food pack (chocolate is a good one!) - add a small amount of water (about 2 tbsp) and liquidise for 5 mins. You end up with a big bowl of "ice cream"

Place 10-16 ice cubes (depending on your preference), a pint of water, and your food pack in a Smoothie Maker and blend for approx. 3 mins. Makes about 2 pints of delicious cold frothy whatever flavour you like.

Bar of Chocolate!
You can make chocolate out of a chocolate pack! Mix pack with a bit of water till you have a thick paste, then spread on some tin foil and put in the freezer for an hour or more. It really tastes quite like chocolate!

Variation : Use half chocolate and half vanilla for a Mars bar!
Chocolate Biscuit
Put sparkling water into a chocolate pack and then add a pinch of salt. Put this on a small plate, round it into a biscuit shape and bake it in the microwave for 2.30 minutes. The result is a crunchy chocolatey biscuit with a “dunking” texture.

Chocolate Fudge
1 packet of chocolate
1/4 cup of hot water
2 or more sweeteners
1tsp of coffee (if you like)

Mix well - it should look like a thick chocolate soup. Microwave it for 2 minutes. It comes out as a thick gooey mess, which tastes like fudge!

Caffe Latte
Mix a hot vanilla shake add a teaspoon of coffee and some sweeteners
“Chocolate Pudding & Chocolate Sauce”
Microwave most of the choc pack like a cookie but keep some aside and mix into a thick paste whilst the muffin is cooking. Take muffin out and smear with thick choc goo and eat, it really does taste nice and cools the muffin down. I suppose this can be done with vanilla 'icing' too.

Chocolate Custard
Dissolve a sweetener in approx 70 mls hot water. Add a chocolate pack. Microwave for approx 40 secs. Makes a lovely hot chocolate custard.

Hot ChocoMint
Make up some strong peppermint tea. Mix a chocolate pack with hot water and a couple of sweeteners (depending on your taste) add the tea. Microwave for approx. 20 secs and stir (better if you whisk with an aerolatte) – Divine!

Chicken Stuffing
Mix as you would do for a chocolate muffin but use a packet of chicken soup instead. Cook in microwave for 1.40 secs or more or less depending on how dry you like it.

Mix a soup pack into a smooth paste, spread on a plate or greaseproof paper and microwave for 1 1/2 - 2 mins.when it starts to bubble open up and let it settle for a sec. keep opening and letting it settle until (the poppadom) starts to turn golden (don't take your eyes off it)!!! - when it is golden brown take it out and let it cool, then peel it off and enjoy
Be careful of overcooking, as this will make them taste slightly bitter.

Mix a soup pack, black pepper, salt and Tabasco to paste using sparkling water. Spoon tiny bite size pieces onto some baking parchment/greaseproof paper. Put in the microwave for approx 1 min depending on the power of your microwave – mine is 900 watts and I put them in for 1 min. If you wish you can shake some salt over them when they are finished.


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i love the soup...

i only ordered the vanilly, strawberry and chicken soup for the last two weeks

but when my order didnt come and all the chemist had for me was the flapjacks

i tried them and the first one took ages to eat it was horrid...
after the third one.. i think they are ok

and ive stayed away from the chocolate shakes in case it made me crave chocolate .....

but ive ordered 3 for next week and im gonna make a breakfast muffin out of them on a couple of days for some variety

i also found that the flapjacks filled me as much as the shakes and there tiny... i never thought thyd fill me but i guess im stomach capacity is getting smaller and there ok

so now im experiment with a few of them recipees... coz im gonna stay on this diet for 10-11 weeks then refeed before i go to newyork in 15 weeks

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Thanks for your advice everyone! :)
Think i'm going to try the chicken soup tomorrow so i'll let you all know how I find it! Think am going to try some of the 'solid food' recipes/flapjacks next week aswell!
Remember if you are going to "cook" your shakes only do one a day so you don't miss out on the vitamins and nutrients. Putting shakes in the microwave can lead to these being destroyed.

I made the choc muffin and the chicken poppadum - yum! x
Hi my chemist gave me a few for free but i really didn't like it but some people like the soup, personally i love the shakes. Try them and see what you think. good luck.
I have tried em all, but can only (just about) manage the choc, just hate getting the lumps in ma teeth!
I personally can't stick the soup, but when I tried, I spiced it up to knock out the taste.

Great recipes BTW, we should market Lipotrim Muffins!!


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Remember if you are going to "cook" your shakes only do one a day so you don't miss out on the vitamins and nutrients. Putting shakes in the microwave can lead to these being destroyed.

I made the choc muffin and the chicken poppadum - yum! x
What are the choc muffin and chicken poppadum dear?!?!


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oh my gosh Im so excited I cant wait to get home to try a muffin!
Deflaiting.. have you got a shaker to mix your drinks with?
Also try adding ice when mixing as I find this helps to break the lumps up :)

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