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Ok so i was on day 3 yesterday and went round to the OH's house :eek:

He's being very supportive and when i couldn't find him for 15 mins i went to the kitchen to see what he was up to. He had been eating all his meal out of my sight all day bless him!

But when i went in there he was eating Southern Fried Chicken and chips.....(my favourite food).....although LT has filled me up and i haven't been hungry or thought about food at all since i started on friday............ i burst into tears :cry:

Has anyone else had this crazy emotional outburst to food? lol :crazy:
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Eloquent hooligan
I put it down to you being female ;)

Thumbsup to your bloke for being considerate & well done you for resisting though - Gold Star awarded :D x

How are you finding it on lipotrim? i'm going to be starting on it next monday, i wanted to start properly this week but i have to go to a party which has been arranged for months. Which shakes are you finding the best? I have read alot on the internet but hearing it from people is often the best.
Any adive you can give me would be much appreciated
well im on day 4 now and appart from the crazy outburst with the chicken :)ashamed0005:) its been great. No hungery or thought of food. Just drink lots of water and the shakes/soups.

I actually really like the chicken soup, i have the vanilla shake with coffee (hot) like someone suggested on here, and the strawberry one is nice really cold :D
lol i can imagine me having some outbursts as my fiance is going to go on the slimfast diet and so he'll be having an evening meal, i'll definatley have to stay in the other room. I think i'm going to give all flavours a go and see what i like as there are so many mixed reactions. I feel really determined to loose the weight this time as i have lost it all before on weight watchers but just found it too easy to cheat. I'm hoping I will see a real difference on this diet. How long are you planning to do it for?


Says it as it is!!!
Yeah, been close to tears...but went up to try skinny clothes on and fat ones to show me how much i had lost and how well i had done!
That was in the early weeks...it gets soooooooo much easier as you become detacthed from food!
How thoughtful is your fella... you should clone him and patent it .. lol
In the first couple of weeks I had a few times where I was sat watching people eating and just thought OMG i want to cry.. wasnt even junk food or anything was a flipping chicken salad but at that moment in time i would have sold my soul for a chicken salad with no dressing lol

Mr G is v nice and sneaks food where i cant see him infact last weekend i had to buy him food and stick it in front of him in the Tesco's cafe so that he would eat as the poor lad had been eating subway wraps while he went to put petrol in the car etc so i didnt have to see him eat.. not exactly a healthy balanced diet after the whole dispatches programme

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