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Chika's Slimming World Diary


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Hi Everyone - I have just been browsing the diaries and found them all fabulous so here is mine.

I'm 25 in Manchester and a trainee teacher. I've been fat for as long as I can remember. I think being overweight when I was a child led to comfort eating as a teenager and then when I had my own money I was like wow, I can eat what I want and to be honest with you I did!

I think we all know what it feels like to be overweight otherwise we wouldn't be here but I'm fed up of the snide comments from strangers and the so called "friendly" comments from friends... You know the ones that start, "Ooh you have such a pretty face but.." I need to get slim so they can no longer be a but at the end of that sentence.

I also just had yet another two week love affair. I'm a bit fed up of these little flings that come to nothing. I know deep down that there are loads of other issues involved but sometimes I can't help wondering if we split because of my weight?

I'm fortunate that I've done most of the things that I've wanted to do but I still thing about some things and mentally decide that I can only do them when I'm slim. However I've been putting things off too long and now is the time to get my ass into gear and get slim so I can start doing more of the things I want to do.

I've messed about with Cambridge for a year. Its a fabulous diet but I think that mentally I feel deprived on it and I rebel by eating. Then as soon as I've eaten I feel terrible and have to starve for three days before the ketosis starts. So I thought enough was enough. I love the fast results of CD but at the end of the day, its taken 25 years to get this big and the weight isn't going to go overnight. I'm not racing anyone to be slim and I wanted to eat while I was shrinking.

I read the Skinny ***** book which made me convert to veganism and in the 5 weeks that I have been vegan I've lost about 1 stone. However I need the weekly weigh in and group support, hence joining Slimming World on Wednesday 18th June. I've also started exercising more - I'm alternating pilates and cardio exercises daily and it may just be my stiff underused muscles but I'm already feeling a difference!

So far I'm loving it and I'll come back everyday and keep you all posted. Please feel free to leave messages of support or if you identify with anything I've said let me know!

Happy Slimming!

Chika x
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Hi Chika, diaries are really good. When things aren't going so well you can moan away on it and when things are good you can put it all down and re-read it when you feel down!


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chika hi

just wanted to say sorry i hadnt posted in your diary sooner but ive been away with no net access

youre sounding very positive, motivated and determined girl! keep it up - sounds like veganism suits you - a stone in 5 weeks is awesome!

hope youre having a fab weekend

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