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Children - who'd have them!!


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I bought up my son as a single parent for much of his 11 years. About a year ago as he was getting to the age where bodies and hormones change I bought him a couple of books to read which explain what's going on and then if he wants stuff explained more he brings me the book and points out the bit he wants to know more about.

This morning we were walking to school and just as we got to the station - where a train had just come on and the pavements were heaving - he asked outloud 'Mum, what religion is it where they're not allowed to masturbate?' Although he didn't use the word masturbate.

Did he whisper? Did he say it quietly? Did he 'eck us like! He asked REALLY loudly. Most people within earshot burst out laughing but I didn't know what to say so i fell back on the age old remedy - 'Ask your teacher'.

Bless him!!!
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lmao kids r great for that so embrassing at the time but so funny afterwards my daugther has done it a few times. my son can't talk properly yet but i bet he will do it more he has that type personality

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You could come out with "I dont know, but we can find out together!" Lol

big bear

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How funny, can you imagine him in class asking the teacher...s/he'll be so embarassed pmsl

That just made me laugh cheered me up no end...:D


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LOL! I remember being in the cinema watching Carry on Cleo, (yonks ago!) and a little girl in the row in front of me saying in a loud voice (in the quiet bit) "Mummy, what's a eunuch?" It got the biggest laugh of the film.
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apparently my hubby had a caterpillar in a jar when he was little ,you know how kids do, to watch how they change into butterflies. Unfortunately he called it Willy , his mum was just so proud when he announced very loudly at a bus stop " MY WILLY IS METAMORPHOSING !!"
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lol, kids they're brill; just a thought did he ask you out loud in public to see your reaction?

I remember when my children were about 4/5 we got a female guinea pig to go with the male one we had, the male guinea pig was obviously pleased to see his new mate. And OH did a runner while I was left to explain 'what was happening'. Anyway my daughters friend came round to see the new guinea pig & my daughter told her friend we would soon have baby guinea pigs & explained how it would happen:eek:. Fortunatley I am good friends with her mother so explaining what had happened wasn't so bad.

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