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Chinese and Indian??

Hi ive started the Atkins this week and was wondering if people can suggest acceptable food on the induction phase from the Chinese/Indian as Friday and Saturday nights are the main days we sit down as a family to eat. I dont mind suffering for my art and having something different but it would be nice to join in :family2:
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Egg Fu Yung is basically an omelette and probably the only thing you could have from the chinese on induction. I have salt and pepper spare ribs and a spring roll and it doesnt take me out of ketosis but I wouldnt recommend them if you've only just started


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I regularly have chinese duck with cucumber, spring onion and then add mayo. Obvoiusly avoid the pancakes and the sauce! Need to just keep an eye on the skin- my local takeaway doesn't have a sweet coating but if it does then you would need to take off.
I echo the tandoori section! My local does a 'mixed tandoori grill' cubes of chicken and lamb cooked in herbs and spices under a clay oven!

Its sooooooooo good xx
Yes all the above, it's very hard to find anything legal in chinese food
Oh dear, I was hoping for more suggestions than this! We are planning on having a takeaway tomorrow, but last time we had an Indian a few weeks ago, I suffered REALLY badly from carb overload. We don't have takeaways very often so I thought "s*d it, forget the diet for one night, I'm treating myself" and had the works - curry, pilau rice, naan bread and bhajis, but I just got severe cramps, bloated up like I've never done before and put on 4 pounds in water weight which took me 4 days to get rid of!

It seems my body just can't cope with carbs any more. And I used to love my Indians too!:cry:


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once you get to maintenance you can have them again you know... xxx
Chookieboo: I really recommend the tandoori mixed grill.. Its such a beautiful flavour! Definitely better than gut ache :)

So will there be many carbs in any of the tandoori dishes? Making me tempted now for Saturday night!

I also really like saag paneer, what would that be like for carbs? I know if I ask the indian take-away about this they will look at me as if i'm simple!


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Saag paneer is just spinach and cheese so it shouldn't be too bad

I have it all the time and it's lush.

Tandoori anything is great too.

From the chinese I have king prawn in chilli and garlic sauce - I asked the man at my local chinese and he said there was no cornflour in that. I used to have it every week and I never had a problem but obviously everyone is different.
i plumpt for tandoori sizzler and made a sauce with cream,garam masala and mushrooms it was lovely just hope it was within the diet!!!
Glad you enjoyed it! Love mixed grill :)

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Just hope it doesn't take me out of ketosis. Today I've had:

B: omelette
S: pork crunch
L: small ham salad, Mayo, babybell, pepperami
D: tandoori grill, sheek kebab starter & Half of Atkins choc bar.

Should I be alright on that.


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Just had a tandoori mixed grill! It was awesome!

Passed on the saag as looking on the geekanet it says around 9-14g of carbs!
Really? Eek!!! I have it regularly - that said I always had good loses so I won't worry too much lol
The day after I had the tandoori mix grill I was out of ketosis. Only took me a day to get back in to ketosis so it was kind of worth it as a treat.

Think I'll have kebab meat next time.
Blimey? What in it knocked you out of ketosis!?
the one from my Curryhouse is cubes of chicken and lamb in tandoori spices!?


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