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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by AvaGardner, 21 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Silver Member

    Hello ladies and gents. I want a chinese tomoro! Grrrrrr. Anyone out there craving food too? I specifically want chicken satay, noodles and spring rolls!

    Ive only lost 10lbs so far. Took a progress pic and i still look soooo fat! Tho if i do manage to avoid tempation...ill have a stone off altogether by midweek!


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  3. Tiger-lilly

    Tiger-lilly Silver Member

    Your doing well so far. Look at what you have achieved instead of putting yourself down. Yes I too was so looking forward to fish anf chips on Friday but didn't have them. Then today I wanted chicken and chips. If you want it have it. But make sure you syn it as well. The other alternative is to look up recipes on youtube for slimming world recipes and make you own chinese banquet. Either way, good eating!

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  4. Crazii_Makeup

    Crazii_Makeup Full Member

    I really wanted chicken satay too over the weekend but I resisted. Had to sit there watching my BF eat it instead :( Yes it was hard but in the end resisting temptation will only make you stronger and more likely to succeed ;)!!! I just keep reminding myself about how guilty I would feel if i did eat or gained weight and ask myself would I really want to restart again and wait to be in ketosis and the headaches/hunger pangs etc. In the end its up to you! Best of luck Ava.
  5. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Silver Member

    Thanks so much tiger and crazii. :)

    Well done for resisting tiger. It will be good eating post lipotrim i hope!

    Thanks crazii. Your really right. Its not worth it. You're doing sooo well. Hope i can follow in your footsteps!


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