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Choc my downfall

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hey guys,
I have no problem going out for meals and sitting there with my water and CD bar, no problem when OH eats takeaway, no problem with any food at all, does not bother me, I can quite happily cook for the family and throw out the kids leftovers without eating them......;)
BUT... Choclate, be it choc biscuit / choc bar.... anything choclate and i cant resist, I have to eat it :cry: Why can i resist every other bloody food / sweet, yet cant resist Choc ???
I even tell myself, i am not hungry, and i dont want it.... then i conciously eat it :confused:
I really need any advise from you guys,
Please help :cry:
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You have done so well!!!! well done you!!
I love chocolate too..... and sweets....
What I am trying to do is having a picture of myself where I want to be if its in your favourite dress or a bikini or swimwear you want to be in and every time you go for that chocolate think of that picture and where you want to be!!

i love the chocolate shakes and bars..... Do you have them... they are enough for me really.. Although the other day when my husband was munching on an easter egg it was irritating me big time!!

Hang in there hon you have done so well .. and got so far dont let some chocolate ruin it for you............



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Wanna, I have had a love/hate relationship with chocolate for years. I have never been able to eat just one or two squares, it'd always need to be a couple of bars - the stuff is addictive, I swear! I have given it up before for as long as 2 or 3 months and got to a stage where I felt I could take it or leave it, so had 'just a square'. Then again, a few days later maybe. Then woken up 6 months down the line three stone heavier again with choc all over my face... arghhh!!! It's the one food I have such bad associations with, it almost ALWAYS leads me direct into a binge.

So... with CD I have been a choc-free zone for more than 3 months - It would be 5 but I had a blip at Xmas. That blip - emotional eating type binge - upset me so much I have tried hard ever since to unravel my past behaviours and work out ways to stop it happening again. Have read a lot of books, taken a lot of advice from others on minis, tried to see what would work for me. Also thought a lot about what I want and where chocolate fits into that.

Well, I decided I can live without chocolate. I am not a person who can ever have 'just one square', just as an alcoholic can't have 'just one whisky'. So it's got to be none at all. If you can go 5 days without it, you will break the physical craving and then slowly your head will be less interested, too. I can sit in a room with choc being eaten now & feel OK. So try for 5 days... and keep adding a day on after that, until you begin to feel stronger.

When I started CD I didn't have a sweet tooth at all for a while, but now I have a bar to look forward to every lunchtime & the choc shakes which I take as hot choc. When I get to goal I plan to keep buying the bars, as they feel 'safe' to me and I have never binged on them. So I will go on eating them when I have a need for chocolate.

I do understand and sympathise, really I do. Chocolate... well, it's really NOT my friend and never has been. It doesn't solve my problems or make me feel good in the long term, it makes me guilty, sad, low in energy, fat, ill. I don't need it anymore.

Just try for 5 days... minute by minute if that's what it takes. Good luck, and hugs.
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Another chocoaholic reporting in! I agree with Katy that the longer you go without the easier it becomes, breaking the cycle and what you don't have you don't miss.

As I didn't want to never have chocolate again what I do in maintenance is have chocolate that I wouldn't of previously had. For example, I used to binge on standard choccie bars from the newsagents (you know the type of thing) so to this day I haven't had any since I originally started CD. If I want a chocolate I treat myself to some expensive chocolates and I find I can just have a few because they are richer and also don't hold the bingeing association as I never used to have them.



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As above, except association can be broken within 3 days if the thought of 5 fills you with horror.

Where is this chocolate? If its in the house, get rid of it. Husband and kids (etc) will understand its only for a while. I had 3 easter eggs sitting in a drawer last week, they nagged at me. I ate almost all 3 and the shame is they are hubbies :0(

If its outside in shops, don't take money with you if its out walking the dog or whatever that you snap.

Remove yourself from the situation or trigger until you can work out what the problem is.

Chocolate is NOT worth the weight gain and de-motivation. It is NOT an essential. It is NOT going to save your life.

Please don't take the above as a personal dig because its not, honestly, but I have a very similar problem (hence the destruction of the 3 easter eggs)

And I totally agree with Porgeous. I no longer want any of the overladen with sugar and milk choc at the newsagents, from now on its dark bitter stuff all the way. You really do need less to knock the edge off. I spotted an 80% bar in Tesco last week and promised myself it when I am nearer goal


likes to post
I'm another chocoaholic, like katy says its all or nothing for me too! I can't just have 1 square, if I do I eat the whole bar! but I find the bars also set off my chocolate craving as well, so for the last week I've not had them either.
S: 15st9lb C: 15st9lb G: 12st10lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for all your replies guys, i really do appreciate it ;)
I have to accept i really do have a problem, i am a chocoholic :sigh: and i always will be, I have been mulling my eating habits over all afternoon and i am all or nothing, and from now on I will have to be a nothing girl :rolleyes:
Its gonna be hard, but i really do need to break this tie choc has with me, as for the past 20years its been my downfall...
But, thanks to you lot, I am feeling much more positive :D


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I'm surprised that I haven't craved chocolate at all through all the 3 weeks I've been on this diet. I think that the bars quite easily satisfy my need. Cravings for savoury things is another thing entirely. The latest is marmite crisps and crusty rolls with cheese!


S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.57%)
Marmite - straight from the jar

Oooh and vinegar.


I lurve lurve lurve bars
I shouldnt have read this thread Im drooling now!!
Im a chocoholic,i cant eat just a bit either(unless someones watching me of course)creme eggs are the work of the devil!!I bought eggs for the kids in tescos the ones with a big egg and 2 creme eggs...I bought 5 of them,they called me from the garage so I ate one then another then another i felt sick it didnt stop me over the course of a few days I ate them all,i wasnt happy until they had all gone,and the bloody things are always on the counter by the till of every shop.I havent bought any more of those ive bought the nestle ones cadburys is a no go area for me!!

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