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choc orange shake!


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Yeah, I was wondering if anyone else noticed! I did a search for it on the forums too, but couldn't find much about it, so thought it must just be me. It feels like litle particles of glass are hitting the back of my throat when I swallow it....maybe not quite so bad as that though. It does feel odd though.
You are not the only ones and I'm glad that I'm not the only one either...I really liked the taste of it but had to stop taking it as the burning was making me feel sick..


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gutted =[


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Me too, and the bars - does anyone notice the bars give you indigestion?


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I didn't mean to put anyone off either. I still like the flavour...it's just an odd sensation. I can't handle it with the minimum of water in the shake, but I just put in an extra 150mls and then the sensation is barely noticeable.

Yes I find the choc orange makes me feel funny..someone suggested puttng a bit more water with it!
Re the bars yes I love them,but apart from the Cranberry and peanut one they give me indigestion.
People have suggested it is better if you split them....or if like me you find you need a whole pack at a time have half a bar and half a shake!


need to be old goofy me
Chocolate orange flavour is my absolute favourite ~ its never burnt the back of my throat tho...
Its never burned my throat, although I find the after taste a bit like flowers :D

The bars cripple me with heart burn though, I dont have them now, and I love em.


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That is the only flavour I couldn't finish, poured half down the sink!!! Never again :-(


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I can't stand the choc orange!
dislike all the choc shakes (except the tetra - which have every night for supper). Soups - now just have the tomato - once a day.

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