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chocoholics help again

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as u probably know i'm a chocoholic and easter is really hard for me the kids have had 3 eggs each and everytime i go in the fridge some jumps in my mouth i know the eggs will be gone soon and maybe its not such a big deal but i don't want a gain.
do i go with it and not worry cause easter will be over soon or has anybody any other tips.
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Sorry, I dont have any tips
I have children and Im finding it very hard too, your not alone x x x


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I would say you have a couple of approaches here dependant on which you preferred ...

Firstly the avoid your coccy weakness entirely. You could have a bag of grapes in the fridge (or whatever superfree food you like, but ensure it is quick to grab, bitesize pieces). Whenever you are in the fridge and feeling drawn toward the choccy divert your hand to the grapes and have a couple of those. With this method you may even find in time that it is the grapes your hand goes for in the first place.

You could do the 5-minute rule - I did this when I gave up smoking. If you have a 'craving' for something, doesn't matter what, and your willpower is low then tell yourself you can have it in 5 minutes if you still want it. Then because you are not telling yourself you CAN'T have it you don't feel like you are missing out at all, and the craving only lasts a few seconds so by the time 5 minutes is up your willpower is back up to strength and you will likely decide against having it.

The alternative is to work WITH your craving. If chocolate is your thing, and at this time of year Easter eggs in particular, then set aside a certain amount of syns per day and weigh out the appropriate amount of chocolate for those syns. Keep it away from everyone else's chocolate and make it clear that it is YOURS and nobody is to touch it. Then when you are at the fridge and want some you can take from your own pile and know you are staying on plan. Temporarily for Easter you could even allow yourself a few extra syns for a couple of days. You can then choose syn-free/low-syn meals to ensure you are still full and eating enough.


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I allowed myself chocolate yesterday. I have to be honest I found it made me feel sick which is unheard of for me. I adore chocolate. Addicted to it, or certainly was. I have honestly found the options chocolate drinks a godsend I know they are nowhere near as good as chocolate but I do find it knocks the sweet chocolate craving on the head by the time I've drunk it and only 2 syns. I love the belgian chocolate one for this. Some days I've had to have two mugs but only 4 syns still and its helped me through and i'm used to having chocolate every day. This is a horrid time for chocoholics. My three kids have about 10 cadburys easter eggs each and I am so going to struggle, but I am glad they are off school so not easy for me to pinch one when they are not looking
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks hun i will try options. my prob is i have a 8 and a toddler and the toddler doesn't know i'm nicking it or he even feeds me.


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hope you've been coping ok
i too have a house full of kids with eggs and a couple of toddlers leaving bits here and there increasingly hard to pick up put on the side instead of popping it into my mouth,
ive done ok
had one treat size flake
about 4 buttons and plenty of homemade choccy cake( made with cocoa powder,eggs scan bran and water) not fantastic but grabbable pieces when the urge strikes .
normal choccy fix is Cadburys light chocolate mousse(4pk) 3 syns per mousse perfect choccy fix

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