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Chocolate and refined sugar challenge

Hi guys im a 22 year old girl and i am an extreme chocoholic. I have polycystic ovary syndrome and there is a history of heart disease in my family and for the first time ever i am becomign so much more ehalth conscious in my food choices. I dont drink a huge amount which is rare given that im 22 and an irish lass! So for that reason im not giving up alcohol. Id be a 4 drink a night girl when i do go out, its always rum or vodka and i usually drink it with a diet coke or a wedge of lime and water. I also only drink once a fortnight if even. But chocoholic is not the word when it comes to describing my sweet habits. i have way too much of a sweet topoth. Ok as of tomorrow I am doing a 28 day sugar and chocolate detox to wean myself off sweets and choc. I have managed to successfully out out everything from my diet from bread to crisps and i keep takeaways and treats to a minimum! but chocolate, biscuits cakes and sweets are just my downfall! I am a self confessed chocoholic and honestly when i come off it and all other refined sugar i feel much better. with 6 weeks to christmas i really want to get healthier, ive come so far in my lifestyle changes and i dont wanna stop now. Overall there have been significant changes in my health and i honestly feel much better but know i have a lot more to do. I have between 2 and a half and 3 stone to go (in total i have lost 4 stone so far) and i finally feel like im getting somewhere. My problem is with sweets i eat loads So for the next 28 days here goes im giving up

ice cream
fizzy drinks
health food sugary snacks to subsitute choc
pick n mix
takeways such as chinese etc (laiden with sugar )

i dont plan to tear back on sugar when im finished these 28 days, im trying to wean myself off it so that i can live a lifestyle that is healthy and not so full of refined sugar.

each day i will write a note here to keep me motivated and i would appreciate all the support.

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Well done on your weight loss, losing over four stone is fabulous!:happy096:

Good look with your Chocolate and refined sugar challenge!

Love Mini xxx
I'd love to join you, but I like my low cal/fat treat things too much! I have happily cut out most of the rest though, hehe.

Best of luck for your challenge, hope you get someone on board to help you along!
Day 1

all i want is chocolate!!!!!!

going mad!!!

for breakfast i had a small pot of natural organic lowfat probiotic natural yoghurt, a banana and some flax seed. had a glass of orange juice also

lunch had grated beetroot mixed with apple cider vinegar (THIS STUFF IS AMAZING) and tuna and sweetcorn

dinner will be stew without the potatoes and one dumpling. im trying to lay off the carbs as much as possible

thanks for support guys!

day one. good day! weigh in tomorrow!
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You'll find that the first week is hell. Stick with it! Once you've done a whole month you'll find it a breeze to turn your nose up at offerings of chocolate and pastries, believe me! :D
well today now was good given that i didnt get to bed till 4am and was out. i had a yoghurt and a banana and flax seed for lunch. also had a gluten free pack of teddybears. they over baked and low in fat like 88 calories a bag r something

dinner was lemon sole, ketchup veg and potatoes. was straved cos didnt eat alot tfofay so had about 4 3 medium potatoes... but overall good day. wanted choc and also wanted crisps really badly but refused!

wanna lose twelve pounds for xmas! :)

thanks for the support
ok so did well last night until i hit the crisps! now while even with them my calories intake was low and my fat wasnt too bad cos they werent full fat my slat levels were dfo thru the roof. headn on hols tomorrow over to a friend so gonna try watch the salt intake also. but if i got thru this week eating helathy enough and watchn sugar ill start on salt next week when i get back
Don't forget the fact which often gets lost in all the media-fuelled salt panic is that your body does actually require salt for you to live. It's what Roman soldiers were paid in (or they were given an allowance with which to buy salt), and the origin of the word "salary" :)

Although you should be getting about 4-6g of salt a day, if you're hand-preparing all your own meals from fresh ingredients it generally isn't present as an additive, so a packet of crisps is hardly going to kill you. Add to that the fact that the kidneys of an adult human will filter out excess salt and expel it as waste, you only really need to worry about salt if you're taking in significant amounts (such as, say, more than 6g a day on a regular basis).

Particularly salty foods also tend to be quite fatty, so are pretty easy to avoid - things like prepared, hard meats (salami, pepperoni), artificially salted meats (bacon, ham, salt-preserved fish), etc. And, of course, things like cheese, crisps, ready meals, low-quality mass-produced foodstuffs (they include lots of salt and sugar because it's cheaper than using good quality ingredients preserved well), all have inflated levels of salt.

Essentially if you cook your own meals and use fresh ingredients, salt should never be an issue unless you get a craving, which tends to mean that your body's running a bit low on electrolytes and could it have some salt please :)
Thank you lady! I feel much betetr. Overall ive been doing really well. Sunday was a bit dogde but the cravings for sugar are really dying down and im much more alert! im good at avoiding the aul crisps. yesterday i had two min packs of snack a jacks but i didnt eat enuf for dinner or lunch (rushn around) so they didnt bother me. both packs togteher came to 200 calories and very low in fat. but id a packet of crisps rthen worth 200 calories! but still i only took in about 1250 yesterdday so all not lost. sugar my main concern! as i am a choc addict and dont stop! so feeling really good. nearly a week since i started :D hopefully coming off it will make the temptations at xmas really easy to resist. :D


thanks for all the support. xxx
i am doing fantastic! was on hols visiting a mate this week and ok while i did drink a fair bit at night, i stuck to the challenge and didnt eat any of the foods im off. didnt eat a lot of anything at all to be honest. defo think i lost weight while over AND i am officially a size 14. delighted! :D

5 weeks to xmas. as off tomorrow laying off salt and bad food and alcohol will only be one night a week.

feeling really good x
That's bloody wicked mate :D Well done!

Hopefully, I'll *soon* be posting that I am also a size 14... lol. 22 for now... Just keep reminding myself that not so long ago it was 30...!!!

Keep it up, you're doing ace!!!x
ok so today was also bad. this is why im better off staying away from loads of sugar!!!!

right bought myself some natural youghurt, some beetroot, fish and my fresh batch of soup. 2 weeks and 2 days to xmas. gonna give it socks to look and feel great. may seriously avoid choc over xmas if i can. feel like crap and my sinuses are up the walls again. im not being too hard on yself cos overall im doing well but seriously, need a detox for the rest of the week. y system cannot handle the sugar and crap food overload. my energy levels are down and i just wanna sleep. :(

tomorrow new day again. three day binge over, be good again and time to pick yself up!
Refined sugar - and often, white flour - can be triggers for binge eating. They can also cause cravings.

I avoid both, now!

Good luck x

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