Chocolate everyday

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I agree, as long as you are sticking within your syns, there is no reason why you should stop eating the curly wurly Hun.


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this is the beauty of slimming world, you don't have to deprive yourself so the diet is easier to maintain. I like a two finger Kit kat for the same reason x


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Yay this is good news - I've recently rediscovered how good curly wurly's are :)


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hi just thought i'd add a little tip on the curly wurly front that i found last year,
if you keep them in the freezer they are lovely and your little pleasure lasts longer :)


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thanks i will stick some in the freezer to try. So glad i can keep eating my little bit a chocolate :D going to have to get some kit kats as well now woohoooo


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You know what they say - 'A little of what you fancy does you good'....if it's within your syn limit, then you enjoy your daily choccie treat.


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As others have said, if you stick within your syns limit you can have whatever you fancy!
That's the joy of SW!


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A girl at my class has a walnut whip every single night. She has lost three stone!


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Ooh I am shopping tonight so I might just pick up a multipack of Curly Wurly's. Not a big choc fan BUT I do have the odd craving. Thanks for this x


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I wish that works for me. If I buy a multipack of mini choccies to have one a day. The whole pack goes in one day :eek:.

I have no control when in comes to chocolate. So I don't even bring it into the house. The closest I get is Alpen Lights/Hifi Bars. It's my achilles Heel!



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I wish that works for me. If I buy a multipack of mini choccies to have one a day. The whole pack goes in one day :eek:.

I have no control when in comes to chocolate. So I don't even bring it into the house.

Me too - though I may just pop round to the newsagent now and get a single bar of something. Hmmmm, now what shall I have!!


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I usually have a choc bar every night, lately iv'e been having a crunchy (9.5syns) cos if you eat all the chocolate off first and then the centre it seems to last agggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss :D haha! x


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our consultant has curly wurlies - she says cos they are chewy they last longer.

i dont have choc in the house cos i would just munch it all in one go....but i think as long as you are losing weight and its in your syns allowance, why change your habit!!!

if however, you dont lose one week, it may be one area of the plan to re-evaluate.

enjoy, xxx


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I love this thread :) and I do love a bit of chocolate :D

I am one of those who cannot keep a multipack (of anything !) in the house - full stop.

But, this has got me thinking, I could buy a single bar in the evenings or maybe I could try to buy two at a time (and keep one for the next day) rather than in multipacks. My hubby has hidden the remainder of a 5 pack of chocolate from tesco (25g per bar/ 6.5syns), I've just had one, yummy yummy :)

You've got me thinking about all the other bars out there now.... havent had a crunchy for ages, love curly wurlys......mmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!