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Chocolate Guiness Cake - is this the highest syn cake ever ???

Hi Everyone

Well I'm making this cake to take to a party this evening, its a Nigella recipe and as I started reading the ingredients I thought this is surely the worst cake ever in terms of syns. Its going to be a big cake so I expect it'll cut into many slices but even so!

Would anyone who's interested help me out in calculating the syns of the whole cake........ I might end up doing it later, but I'm mega busy today........ I'd really like to know if I can even have a slither of it tonight! :)

Here are the ingredients (wait for it, they're heavy on the syns!):
250ml Guiness
250g butter
75g cocoa
142g sour cream
2 eggs
1 tbsp real vanilla extract
275g plain flour
2.5 tsp bicarb

for the topping:
300g phillidelphia
150g icing sugar
125ml double cream

Woah it is going to be high !!! I would NEVER make this and keep it in the house !

I'm in desperate need of the cook book that I've promised myself when I reach my stone loss, lots of cakes made with veggies in there :) I've actually got this book already and its all packaged in its amazon packaging until I reach my stone, its driving me mad :rolleyes:
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I get somewhere around 273 syns:

250ml Guinness = 4.5
250g butter = 94
75g cocoa = 12
142g sour cream = 14.5
2 eggs = 0
1 tbsp real vanilla extract
275g plain flour = 49
2.5 tsp bicarb = 1

for the topping:
300g Philadelphia = 37.5
150g icing sugar = 29.5
125ml double cream = 31
Total = 273
Wow - thanks Ermintrude :) Thats pretty high, mind you I've see cheesecakes come out alot higher than that!

Nigella suggests it cuts into 12 slices, so that makes it 22 syns per slice. Mmmmmm I'm going to see how the night goes tonight, I'm having a syn free evening meal before we go to the party but might just need my syns for wine rather than cake, we'll see how it goes.

Thanks again, have a good weekend :)
Enjoy! I have what I like on Saturdays, Saturday is treat night in front of Dr Who :)
I'd probably scrape the icing off my slice and just eat the cake :p But I'm not a very sugary person, I always think the icing's a waste of good cake space :D

Scraping off the icing drops it massively from 273 to 175 or 14.5 per slice (based on 12 slices).
Thanks for your cake support :) I managed to do very well really.... I had to slice the cake flat so I had a thin taste before I put all the icing on. When I took it to the party they didnt pull it out and cut it up for everyone, it just sat in its box..... a bit rude if someone has brought a cake, but I didnt know the people there too well so I didnt push it! On the plus side I didnt have to worry about if I was or wasnt going to have a 22syn slice of cake :)

I guess another way of making these types of cakes more manageable syn wise, is to make them in muffin cases and then at least all the portion control is done for you. Like you say Ermintrude, without the icing its much better syns too.

Thanks again :)
Mmm Guinness muffin ooooh. my birthday is coming up, might try that :)
My friend is a baking goddess and she makes this exact same cake in muffin sizes. Makes them look so cute and if you can get brown cases (try Asda) they really do look like tiny Guinesses!
Sorry to post on such an old thread but I came across this as I was trying to work out the syns of chocolate guinness cake myself and I had to comment as the OP missed a cake ingredient - 400g caster sugar!!!

That's a further 80 syns and puts the entire cake at just shy of 350 syns by my own calculations on each ingredient.

Don't want anyone to think they are having less than they actually are :eek:

BTW I have made this cake many times and it is AMAZING so well worth the syns as a treat.

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