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chocolate orange hi fi bars

you cant usually, there has aparently been a mix up by the supplier but i have just bought 6 packs and in class that would have cost 7.50 so saved 5.50 :O
well our consultant told us about them, aparently there was a mix up with the suppliers, they are definitly not out of date (dec 08) and are the real deal. she did say they shouldnt be there and that they are only meant to be supplied to sw groups however buy them while you can because they wont be getting any more lol

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Lucky you Abigail, Our group have been able to buy the christmas ones, buy one get one free, and I thought that was good, but your find is heaps better!
isnt it illegal to sell out of date food?
ah, ui know sometimes you see 'out of code' food, im presuming thats another way of saying 'out of date' its all so bloody technical. i always eat stuff 'out of date' or past the 'best before' date and ive never ever had food posioning


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All dates have a window on them so they are usually still ok for a few days after. It's ok to eat stuff after the best before date as it's only the quality that is compromised but after the use by date is a bit dodgy as this will usually have started to go off. We managed perfectly well before dates on our food by judging for ourselves so I don't see why we can't do it now
Oh a post I can comment on.......(have a degree in food and nutrition)

Use by dates - these are applied to food products where there is a definate danger to life if eaten after the date. These are termed "high risk" foods and are cream cakes / meat etc.

Best before dates - are on "low risk" items like canned veg / dried pasta, which won't really cause you harm but the food won't taste so nice.

Every food manufacturer has to add an additional 15% of the total life onto a product (after UB / BB date) before it becomes microbiologically unsafe.

This is tricky to work out as a consumer wouldn't know the full life of a product, but I'd eat stuff a couple of days past it's UB date but never any longer!

Hope this helps... x
These are two for a pound where i live as well in derby ,Spoke to my cons and she said it was a mix up with the suplier ;).

But iv now got 20 packs:D And will be going back for more as they are my fav ones .

rrp £25
i bought them for £10

so although not as good as op find still a brilliant bargain :D.

And once there gone there gone:sigh:, In this lovely climate of money worry we are in at the mo like they say every penny counts :D
:( ive eaten (or more like teh OH has eaten) all of them now and theres none left in the shop

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