chocolate shakes


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Whenever I make the chocolate shakes they always turn out with loads of lumps in no matter how long I blend it for. None of the others do it just the chocolate ones.

I always ave it hot though.

Does anyone else get this or is there a trick to making them without lumps that I haven't discovered yet?
Morning m8!

Have you tried first mixing it into a paste with around 50 mls of cold water and then put the rest of the water in (like cornflour into gravy).

I always found this made it a much smoother experience.

Kati....get yourself a Genie! make fab lumps pure smooth luxury! and you can even use the cups in the microwave to warm up!

Kam x
I have a Genie and agree with Kamiknix ....

of course, the alternative is that you could always try to change your thinking and view the lumps and as welcome opportunity to have an illicit chew! ;)