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Choo Yong Tea advert on the forum......


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Funny you mentioned this, I saw the advert yesterday and thought it could possibly be a food replacement diet?

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Just seems to be another green tea but is pushing the no caffeine/weightloss thing. Most of the customer comments said they ate healthily and drank the tea and they lost weight. If they weren't eating properly before then changing diet would work regadless of the tea....its cho-yung.com for anyone interested. X
All of these things look and sound good on the blurb but I dont think they ever taste that good - lol not like a lovely full fat latte mmmhhh

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Every ounce is bounce
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Green tea tatses nasty with milk in IMO but white tea is ok.


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Whatever you do dont go for the 'free' trial.

You have to enter your card details to cover to P&P charge for a couple of quid and then they randomly start taking money out of your account/card without notice.

I know loads of people who have been ripped off by this, i really wouldnt bother.

If you want some 'weight loss' tea go for Oolong Tea. You can buy it in leaves or bags from health food shops and it cleanses you really well. It makes you go to the loo (both ends :p) and clears your system out so effectively you WILL loose some weight but this is water and and blocked up *ahem*

If you drink it every day it starts to become innefective but its great to have maybe every 2/3 days with a gap inbetween.

They drink gallons of the stuff in China, Japan and Singapore. I noticed they drank it cold whilst i was on holiday over there and its soooo cheap compared to the UK.

Choice is yours but go for Oolong tea if you can.

Teapigs.com sell it but if you can get the leaves they are even better.


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I am one who always falls for "freebies" so thought I'd give it a bash but when they asked for payment for "postage" I smelled a rat and canceled before giving details!
Thanks for the tip GymClassHero.

Also thanks for the tea tip. I'll go to the heath shop and get some!

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