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!Christmas Day is 5 weeks today!-be a stone lighter for Christmas, Crusade!!!

:DHi there!!!:Christmas02r:

Well as of right /today it is 34 days until christmas. EEEK - that is Christmas Day is technically 5 WEEKS TODAY. :xmastree:

On average you can lose 4lbs a week on the Cambridge Diet - so 20lbs is achievable between here and then..and I would love to achieve at least one stone lighter for my Xmas stockings!!!LOL!

Say hello if you want to join me in my 'being a stone lighter crusade for Christmas...'

btw!: Happy Christmas to one and all who read this and I hope you have a slimmer New Year! xxx

let's blitz those blobs together!!!!!!:48:
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two this week, but I am pleased as totm arrived the day I got weighed.. I just keep in my mind that pound blob.. my cdc has one and keeps it on the table to remind us of what a pound of fat :eek: looks like, when do you get weighed honey, we can support each other :)
Can i join in 2! A stone lighter please please please lol!
Hoping 2 lose big! Hello mi duckie!!!! Well done you!!!!

I couldn't see my CDC today - BUT I AM NOT CHICKENING OUT! I am on with it all and will let you know my results next Monday - I PROMISE! X

Well done girlies - we can do this together!!! I, for one, would love to be a size I've never been b4 at Xmas so that is my spurring-on-thing! I am estimating that to be a size 16 bottoms if i lose 1 stone!

I laughed - the other day I tried one sort of my shakes hot - toffee and walnut; twas like Horlcks!!! Anyone recommend any others hot? Have only braved mint choc chip so far!!! whcih reminded me of highlights ...

Good lasses - the only way is up - thank you for spurring me on x
Welcome welcome hoping to loose big.. !! well done for joining our crusade.. I hope you don't mind but I am just going to get this off my chest and I will leave it at that.. so today's story is "eating in temper"

so, I work with thin ladies, one of our team has lost weight with a regime of healthy eating and exercise.. I am so pleased for her but now its like being with a reformed smoker.. cd is bad.. do it my way, if you only had more will power, join the gym... blah blah blah.. so the devil arrived and internally my mind went racing off. I thought why don't you just say I am fat, weak etc etc.. I have had hell of a year, dealing with a life long illness that limits my mobility.. I have tried and tried to loose weight, this is my return to cambridge after stabalising on my meds.. so here I am again... blah blah.. so when the cream c***s arrived.. that was it.. in I stuffed it.. well what the heck it's obvious I am a failure so I will just be the fat girl..

this feeling was that of when I was a teenager and hiding my pain through stuffing my face and there it was today ready to comfort me as only I now how... f**d .

So if eating healthy turns me into a boring born again food junkie.. someone please tell me.. PLEASE!! the person I want to be is someone who is calm around f**d and not to eat as if my life depended on it.

So how did I turn it around today instead of turning it into a full on angry binge.. well I felt abit sick :eek: lol.. I drank lots of water and sent a txt to my cdc.
So girls tomorrow is another day and I know no matter what, I still will be over weight this Christmas, but I will work on it that next Christmas won't be.. and I might just be able to buy that little black dress

Thanks for reading if your still there.. rant over.. pass the water :p
a MAN!!!!! Yes siree - join in kidda! Welcome Ealinglad - have to say that is pretty stunning weightloss - you must be so proud of yourself!!! Well done matey!

sarah - good on you honey pie - you stuck to it when it all could have so easily gone t*ts up!!!

I'm struggling here - only cos my little lad's so poorly and was up every 10/15 minutes during the night so have bending matchsticks in eyes as speak!!!....

Yes weigh in day info would be cool here as I'm confused already as to when some's started hence the wk2 bit on the listings (see below) - but YOU mi boy will start as wk1 - as you achieved that already! LOL!!!!

will not be on again til prob tomorro duckies...only cos I aim to be in bed for 9pm; children willing !!!!

KEEP GOING!!! YOU ARE DOING SO WELL! Any let's face it; any step- including a sideward- is better than a backward to that ticker tape of ours!!

later mateys xxx
My weigh in days are all over place atm but i think they will be on tuesdays!
Firstly well done Sarah for beating the binge! its sooo hard to do! and.. as for the gym freak, shes welcome to it! personally im allergic to the gym, which is another reason CD is sooo right for me!

Im totally up for loosing my last stone for xmas! that would make 4 stone off for me since 26/8, and a very nice xmas present for myself! Currently lost 3st, and have heard the last stone is the hardest!
Hi there can I join please too. I WI each Monday (but have to change my ticker daily to keep me motivated.)

P.S can I have a loss like ealinglad please;) Well done!
Hello my lovely little lot of Christmas Crusaders!!! And a BIIIG hello & welcome to latest ... and welcome aboard the Big Loser Santa Express!!!:4616:

How have you all been getting on? :xmastree:

Sheknits nicely - LOL!: love that name did you get your assignment done honey? x

Aly B - well done on weight loss to date! I'm trying to get to 4st myself - I'm lbs off but somehow have some stupid mental block about achieving it!= was 1;b off gtting it bout 3/4 wks ago then went pdsycho on food front! Strange!x (then I've another 4st til my ideal target) so go girl - and inspire me!!! x

MissJellytot!!!! LOL! loving your profile pic!!!!LOL! Ypu are soooooo close!!!! Keep going!x

Miss Jellytot!LOL! Your profile pic is sooo funny - and you are SO nearly there - go girl! x

I've had a pantilooney week with the household being sick - apart from me - and so I have been housebound and shattered from 3 sleepless nights playing Florence Nightingale !!! The joys - so have also picked (naughty!!!)- will see what scales say Monday - eeek!...

Well my tinsle toots Xmas Day is exactly 4 weeks today - or 27 days away!!!! eeek - come on let's GET IT ON!!!! (& wow all those that know us with our slinky new dress sizes!!! )

"do or not do. There is no try" - Yoda

Later mateys ... xxx
Right have been trying to sort signature so it's cotrect - have a look and let me know if i've got it wrong? - gonna coutdownwards too with regards to weeks til Crimbo forgot to say - Good luck Ealing Lad & Sarah poppet Lou for weigh ins this weekedn and so sorry to forget to comment - well done toSheknitsnicely for big weight loss this week too!!! ttfn xxx

AlyB - what day is your CD weigh in babes? x
Miss Jellytot!LOL! Your profile pic is sooo funny - and you are SO nearly there - go girl! x

Well my tinsle toots Xmas Day is exactly 4 weeks today - or 27 days away!!!! eeek - come on let's GET IT ON!!!! (& wow all those that know us with our slinky new dress sizes!!! )
Thanks, thats me on a staurday night lol.

Can't belive it is only 27 days to go! Where did that sneek up from :confused: Better be good and evict these lbs and quick.

Hope everyone has a good day x


needs a real kick in the
hi id like to loose 20lb in the next four weeks if poss, im 12st 6lb today so would like to be 11st or as near as poss by christmas. so can i please join a little late. xx
Hello claira07 - gotta be fab with a name like Claire!!! LOL! Hop on board! - never too late! You're doing great well done! xx

how are you all shrinkly tinkly tinsles peeps doing - got something kinda cheesey but sweet (I think) and so true to share with ya - hope it makes you smile:

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
the sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

Good luck with your weigh-ins...Sarah...Ealing Lad...???? x


needs a real kick in the
thanks for adding me, i weigh on a saturday but my final weigh will be christmas eve.
good luck to everyone xxx

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