Christmas Presents


In it to lose it
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A pill to help me lose weight without anyside effects and I would love to share Xmas with my mum. She died 3 1/2 years ago and I really miss her. What about you?


I ate my willpower!
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Mine would be a Radley Handbag to match the Radley purse that I have and I would love to spend Xmas day with my husband and children (which I will be) and my Mum and 2 sisters (which I won't be and Mum only stays at home for Xmas) but I will be seeing them on Boxing Day.


i love minimins me :)
i would love a cheque for like £20,000 so i could pay off the debt we have and pay for our wedding and have some left over for rainy day savings (for times like this wen i have no job :( )

and if i could choose sumone it wud be my granda who passed away in september, i cry myself to sleep most nights cos i miss him sooo much, n i hate the thought of the pain he went through in his last few months cos the doctors fecked up n sed it was aurthritus when infact he had cancer which had spread to his bones and his back had collapsed :( i jus want to know he is ok, n for him to let me know he wasnt in as much pain as i think he was



A big bag of £50 notes i can fill my bath with and play in it.

With the OH course lol xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Hmmm....the winning lottery ticket with 1 million prize money!
Other than Hubby and Daughter (they are with me anyway!)


Is so very nearly there!
G: 12st2lb
You know what I really want my kids to have a wicked xmas and Santa to bring them all they want..

Also I want a pair of knee hugh boots out of Marks (they fit too) lol

To be able to Maintain over the festive season - not much really lol


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Well, I would love my OH to propose! But I don't think he's in 'that place' just yet. So that's our secret on here (I'm not going to pester him about getting hitched, lol!Noooo!)

So, I'd quite like a wii or (quite sad this) a magimix food processor so I can make even more tasty foods easily and quickly and help me keep on track. That's me being realistic. In Hellie's Happy Place, I would wake up on 25th December weighing 9.5 stone and having no big wobbly belly and a mysterious benefactor sends me a christmas card with a cheque for squillions in it!!!


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I got married on the 28th Dec last year and had a wonderful christmas. So I would love to have fun with my 4 daughters and they get what they wish for and for me and Dh to be as happy as eva
Rach xx


Addicted to Minimins
If it was for my kids it would be for them to have loads of pressies they wanted (dam debt).

If it was for me an all fees paid trip to a surgeon to get a tummy tuck, liposuction everywhere, breast reshaping, teeth and anthing else body related that would make me look better.


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You know.... thinking of it... I would love to have my sister with me (passed away) my daughter (now in the uk) and get all the family together for a big greek christmas....

But seeing that isn't going to ever happen... I would like my husband to be made of chocolate (the tasty slimming kind of course!!) and I would eat almost all except his eyes so he can see how stunning I will be as with every mouthful I would drop a pound.

Nah... I would just like for everyone to be happy and with the ones they love.


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I'd like tickets for a holiday somewhere beautiful where I can sleep until I am no longer tired....


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gonna be soppy here but i have everything i want this christmas i finally have my beautiful son after 5 years of ttc i have a wonderful daugther and at partner thats just set a date for our wedding. this years perfect.
if i was to be greedy i'd ask for our own place but i really do feel special this xmas


Finding inspiration
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I'd have an open house, with a nice spread of food, where all my friends and family could just come and go as they please, mingle, laugh, hug... all smiles and good cheer. That's kind of a two-in-one answer... that's who I'd want to spend the hols with, and it would also be a great present. I don't really feel I need much more. :)

Gene Genie

Mad as cheese
I dont want a lot for christmas all i want is snow!! I turn 30 three days before christmas and all i want for my birthday is snow!!

I want a chilled out christmas surrounded by the people i love and i honestly dont care if they dont buy me anything as long as they are around

gen xx