Brand New Year 2024 (previous-Christmas Eve 2023🎄)

Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing well this week. I’m going to weigh on Saturday for my weekly. Was getting frustrated with the scales again up till yesterday so best to come away from them for a while. I definitely feel slimmer, just need to keep going. Gotta go work. May fake tan again tonight. Def helps with looking sunkissed 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hi all, I will be back later to add my goals in, I need to tweak them a bit. Great to seem more activity and support here. Nice to have people to chat to.
Hi lovely. Yes come add your tweaked goals. Have you managed to swim this week? I haven’t been swimming In ages xx
Well I ended up working till so late that there was no chance for any pampering. I feel bloated and heavy tonight. Can’t seem to get enough water into me when I’m busy.
Hi all.

27lbs down. So 1lb down this week. Again not got to the 2 stone mark. I have lost inches tho off hips and chest.

Considering moving to the next step which means 3 of my Cambridge meals 600 kcal and a 200 kcal protein and veg meal from a specific list. Real food tho. But scared to start ‘real’ food after 10 weeks not touching it but I think I need to shake up what I’m doing. I think at 12 weeks you move up to this step for a week anyway.

Hard not to be deflated but at the same time I am grateful for the 27lbs drop this summer. Feel a bit robbed lol like I should be half way into my third stone off by now.

Anyhoooooo, I shall stay positive and patient and broke lol

Have the best day everyone x
Hey everyone, sorry for not checking in I'm trying not to think of weight loss all the time so am only usually doing my food logs right before bed and otherwise staying off the site

Glad to hear things are mostly going well and I'm so proud of you all for pushing through when things have got a bit tougher 💖

My sweets arrived today and instead of binging, I grabbed a pasta pot from the fridge for lunch since I forgot to eat breakfast (not used to being awake in the morning anymore!), then weighed out 3-10g servings of everything so I could enjoy all the different nostalgic flavours without going overboard. Really proud of myself for that! Now I've created complete nutrition profiles for everything on Fitbit, I can just weigh a little of whatever I fancy and log it straight in there. Also kept the box of sweets next to my kitchen scales instead of in my room with me like I usually do with my snack hauls, so I'm not tempted to say "**** it" and eat the whole lot in bed 😂
Good idea @BlueTopaz.
I feel better having walked. I’m so glad I talked myself through everything this morning. Before the start of the summer I’d have just given up and I just want to work towards a lifestyle change now. Small steps.
Good idea @BlueTopaz.
I feel better having walked. I’m so glad I talked myself through everything this morning. Before the start of the summer I’d have just given up and I just want to work towards a lifestyle change now. Small steps.

Aww good I'm so glad you managed to turn the day around! I'm sorry I didn't realise I hadn't tapped to the latest page when I read through, you did really well and I know that your 2st milestone is right around the corner, just one more pound to go!! 💖
Ah no problem at all. I’ve had a lovely pampering afternoon. I’ve made the decision to add a 200kcal meal this week and see how I do. I’ve been focused for 10 weeks so I’m sure I can do this for a week to see if it makes a difference. Tuna and cauliflower lol I mean not the most exciting but perfect for today 🤣xx
Last night was the trauma anniversary and my brain decided to give me a seemingly several hours long nightmare reliving it to wake up to today 🙃

Had no appetite, but I made myself get a decaf gingerbread latte and mushroom toastie from Caffe Nero when I hadn't eaten by 2pm, feeling a bit better now and still on track at least. Just can't wait for Starbucks to release the pumpkin spice latte in the UK!
Ooh that’s a hard night you’ve had. A very yummy lunch today. Starbucks gingerbread lattes at Xmas were always my go to hahahahhahahahaah.

sending hugs x
Fit another walk in last night which felt good. I’m not in a great place at the moment and going to have to face moving forward in a way I hadn’t planned in my personal life. Usually I’d be eating rings around myself with the stress but the one thing I chose to do for myself was lose this weight. So I have not been binge or comfort eating this time. Just need to keep going.
Walk done just now. That’s 3 days in a row. Nice. I think the time out and diet focus is going to be what gets me through the next phase of my life. Only things I have any control of.
Goodness. I have an order ready to purchase online from another company who do exactly the same as mine. A month food order is £155. Currently I’d be paying £300- £340 per month. I think i might switch over for the month and see how I go. Feel a bit strange to move but it’s so pricey.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh yay. I thought after 4 days of:
day 1- 3 Cambridge meals & tuna & cauliflower
day 2 - 4 Cambridge meals
day 3- 3 Cambridge meals & beaf ribs & broccoli/ cauliflower
day 4- 4 Cambridge meals

I randomly weighed mid week and I’ve made the 2 stone off yay 🥳💯
28lbs gone and now I can move into the 3rd stone off. So happy and so glad I’ve stuck with it. I also am collecting my next order today as I decided best to stay with this programme as planned.
Congrats @Visualizing !!!

I've just made it to 20 days without going off track, so so pleased that I found the missing piece (community supoort) to help me get back in the zone 💖

Planning to weigh myself tomorrow morning instead of Monday so I can treat myself to some fried chicken without worrying about weigh-in being the next day 😋