Brand New Year 2024 (previous-Christmas Eve 2023🎄)


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132 days - Starting Point

•Imagine where we can be by Christmas Eve!

•Picture yourself in front of the camera smiling and feeling wonderful.

•What will you be wearing around that time?

•What events or occasions could you be invited to?

•How proud you’ll be of how far you’ve come.

•How incredible you are going to feel.

I know that after all the yo-yo diets, the ups and downs and the utter head wrecks we all go through, I am going to get rid of the weight and learn to maintain and I would love for everyone who is still on this forum, however you want to get heathy, to join together, and achieve these goals. We’re all at completely different points and have different goals. For your own unique goals could be:

An end weight goal

A maintenance goal

A short term goal

An exercise goal

A healthy eating plan

A new you

A different mindset


And so on …..

Whatever your goal we can share together and help each other with years worth of support and tips.

I hope we can get everyone together and really boost this. Imagine what we could achieve together alongside our crazy busy lives … doing this for ourselves. We deserve to look after ourself. Best Christmas gift to ourself ever!!!

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Please add your goals if you want to join. Join at any point xx

My goal at the moment.

I am doing Cambridge diet. I started mid June. It’s an average of a stone loss a month and I have 4.5stone to lose. So far 24 lbs down. I just want to get the weight off fast so I can get back to seeing regular food and learning to maintain my new weight so my head is in the right place. It’s not always easy.

I estimate by start of November to be at goal of 10 stone (4.5stone loss).

Then I want to start the maintenance steps. I may need to start them earlier so reducing the meal replacement food with regular food. I’ll play this by ear along the way.

•4.5 stone to loss (may change to 5 stone nearer time).

•So far 24lbs gone.

•Short term goal 1 stone per month.

•Learning to go through maintenance.

•Getting back on my treadmill daily (down the line)
Hi! I'm new here, it would be nice to lose 5-10lb a month, so 20-40lb by Christmas. Slow and steady wins the race so I don't want to set unreasonable expectations :)

No exercise goals for the moment as I'm significantly disabled, I'll be starting physiotherapy soon and then see where I am in a few months when it comes to getting stronger 😊

Nice to meet you @Visualizing and I hope to get to know the community here soon 💖
Great to meet you @BlueTopaz and welcome to what’s going to be a really supportive thread. Your goals are perfect and I think by us all setting our individual goals it makes it more manageable to us. Plus we can adapt our goals as we go should we need to.

Are you doing a specific diet? Or heathy eating?
Hi @BlueTopaz ! 👋
They sound like really sensible and achievable goals, you can do this!

@Visualizing thank you for starting this thread; great idea.

My challenges in the time now to Christmas are:
To be down 2 stone, to 12 stone 10.
To not have had a single meal/food that is off plan - helpful to boost my confidence in my self control.
To start back walking daily, 40 mins minimum on the beach to make it more of a workout.

I’m trying to set realistically suitable goals so I don’t feel a failure, have a tendency to beat myself up. Just the 2 stone would take so much weight pressure off my joints, I’d be starting 2024 in such a better place.
@Atalanta ah this is great you are joining our thread. How good is this going to be?!!!! I love that we are all setting our goals with the mindset of a great start to seeing In 2024 too. We’re being sensible too…. Small steps means big results. One day at a time.
Delighted. Xx
@Visualizing we can be each other’s life coaches. 😊
I’d also love to buy myself a Fair Idle style Christmas Jumper…have never done this as self conscious of what I consider my enormous boobs in them. I always think other women look so cuddly, all their sizes, yet feel I look yuck. My issues. So yeah, that would mean the world - to get that confidence.
Life coaches it is 😆 Oohhhhhhh I love a Fair isle and / or Christmas jumper. Be nice to get one in a smaller size this year and a glam one rather than a chunky huge thing to cover up lol.
@Visualizing @Atalanta Thank you for the warm welcome! 💖 I'm planning to do plain old calorie counting and healthy eating :) Not banning any foods as the "forbidden fruit" factor can trigger binges for me, but I'll be trying to boost my iron and protein at the very least 😊

I'm excited for the both of you to get your jumpers! This thread is off to a great start and we can all cheer each other on to meet our goals 🥳
Perfect @BlueTopaz Are you a daily or weekly weigher?

My official weekly weigh-in is Saturdays. I usually weigh daily the first fortnight to motivate me but now I weigh just here and there during the week.
My goal is 30 by Christmas. I am hoping that will achieve my ultimate goal which is to see shoulder and back tone when I wear a racerback tank. Compared to now which is just, er, rolls.

I'm trying the alternate day diet (1200, 1600, 1200, 1600, etc.). Never did that. First day was today. If weight loss is too slow, I'll probably go back to the 5:2 which is what I've done before. I may do the alternate day plus a 6:1. Who knows. Depends on my energy levels. I just joined a gym and am loving it so want to be sure that I am eating enough to sustain my workouts (walking 4.5 miles). When I don't eat enough, I feel too tired to even complete 1.5).
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Hi @Jié Xī, I’m the same when I workout I have to eat more. I get really hungry. I love Insanity which is intense but calories shoot up. Also used to love the gym (was always there) but not anymore.

It’s great you’ve joined us. Good luck with your first day of your plan. You’ve got this xx
Good morning everyone.

Just a thought. Make sure to measure yourself and record your inches. It really helps when the scales don’t drop and you can grab the tape measure and see some inch loss. Your great efforts don’t always show on the scales especially as our body is adjusting at certain times.

As much as I love seeing the scales drop, I haven’t let my head go this time if they have stayed the same or the loss has been small. The weight will come off as long as we do our best to stay on track as best we can.

From my Cambridge diet thread ……
Ooh. Just had a sneaky mid week weigh. Not really sneaky 😝 So far 2lbs down this week. I have till Saturday for the weekly. 25lbs gone now. Come on 28lbs / 2 stone …… I can see you lol
Just want that recorded here. I’ve had 2 weeks of 1lb loss per week so am hoping for a bigger loss this week. I’m on a mission to get the weight off quickly so I can focus on maintenance which I didn’t do properly over a decade ago.

I am working but my full time crazy hours kick back in mid way through September (6 full days & 3 nights) so I’d love 3 stone to be gone by then.

Enough of my rambles. Off to sort my girls and admin for work.
Have the best day everyone
@Jié Xī hi! Your achievement goal is a brilliant one, definitely doable and you’ll look great. Let us know how you find the alternate days.

@Visualizing thats a fantastic sneak-weigh, rally hoping it and more is off on your formal weigh.

I managed to get out and walk. It’s very clammy and tiring weather here but it was nice on our deserted beach, and the dog enjoyed it too.