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Christmas strategies

Right, this is my 42nd Christmas and I am of the firm belief that how I eat over the Christmas period will dictate how successfully I will lose and maintain my goal weight. Coming off the diet is just not an option for me as I have read so much about how peeps take a dieting break and find it so hard to get back on it again. The idea of putting on any of the weight I have fought so hard to lose, horrifies me. It just ain't worth it.

This is the last diet I will ever do and for that I am more than happy to forgo eating and drinking over one Christmas. It is going to be tough, but there has got to be more to Christmas than eating.

I am really, really looking forward to Christmas as I need the break. I have a list of things I want to do when I don't have work hanging over me. I am looking forward to a good rest and seeing family and friends. All of which I can do without breaking my diet. I'll also be on here a lot so that I am surrounded by likeminded people! Anyone else feel like this? That they need to get through this Christmas?
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I certainly think that if I am able to stick to LL 100% throughout Xmas and New Year, I will really feel that I have conquered my needs for food (beyond the basic fuel needs of course!).

Xmas is always that time where there are tins of Roses in the staffroom, selection boxes given from Aunts and Uncles, dinners, drinking etc. and everything way over proportion.

So yes, I feel like I need to do an LL Xmas, to prove to myself that I really, totally and utterly do not need food to make me happy or have a good time.
for me its a different i have decided to take a week break at xmas my birthday is just before and going out for a meal, then xmas etc, i have no intention of eating any carbs so hopefully will not damage the good i have done, so no spuds, pudd etc, i dont eat chocolate as a rule and have been t total for 9 years so alcohol not an issue, im going to order enough cd stuff to get back on it straight after boxing day so hope this will not damage the good done, but i want to enjoy my xmas with trips out etc but i admire all those who will ss over xmas i know i can not do it x
I think need to at least attempt at 100% CD christmas, because I've just proved to myself that I cannot do a 'once off' without it becoming more and more regular. (Thinking I should change my siggie as it lies!)

I don't know how im going to do it though! I mean... things like the chocolates I can do without. And I know I can! But... the socializing... :(

'Because I'm a student I've been away from my home-town all term (acually, I was only back a few days since the beginning of august due to holidays).... so, I havent seen a lot of people in 5 months! And... how do we socialize? By eating and drinking *sighs*

So, im really wanting too... but need to get strateries in place. :(
I am going out with friends too. I just drink water. If they have a problem with that, well that's tough. There will be other Christmases and this diet is my priority right now. Because I am on SS+ I can at least go out for a meal with them -- there are very few restaurants where you can't get a bit of chicken and lettuce. Indian restaurants are great as I have tandoori chicken and lettuce instead of rice.
Stay strong, it's more about being there and seeing your friends than what you eat and drink surely.

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Yes this is the last diet I am going to be doing as I will get to my ideal weight, however I personally also feel that I can't 'avoid' food, so I am challenging myself to eat sensibly, with no or limited carbs, I need to learn to be mature in my choices, we are going to a hotel (it was prebooked before CD) and OH is going to support me, we are going for long walks, doing activities that don't include eating and drinking.

But I am bringing my CD goodies with me, because I feel safe with them, they will be there to remind me of how far I have come, but also if I need to find refuge in them.

If I was at home I would have done SS through Christmas but I am not, so I have to deal with it, and that to me is life....dealing with the situtations that you are in.

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I'm going to be doing cd over christmas, I'm on ss+ so like night-owl will have chicken and lettuce or someting similar. I'm not buying any chocolates or biscuits in either, oh isn't bothered about them and my daughter doesn't eat them so any visitors will have to do without.I have no intention of spoiling the diet for a couple of days a year.
This is such a good positive thread. I have decided that I will SS all through the X-mas period and may have an SS+ meal in the evening. I have decided to look at this diet as an X-mas gift to myself. This is my very first diet and it will be the last.
This is such a good positive thread. I have decided that I will SS all through the X-mas period and may have an SS+ meal in the evening. I have decided to look at this diet as an X-mas gift to myself. This is my very first diet and it will be the last.
Sylvie, you are doing so well, keep the positive focus you have and you will be just fine. I love the idea of a christmas gift to yourself.
This is my plan too, my CDC said she is support what ever I chose. I will do SS up to Christmas day and SS+ Christmas Day and Boxing Day sticking to proteins and the "safe" listed veggies although I am gutted about no sprouts :(


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i'm doing something similar. i'm planning on SSing all the way to Christmas Day and then doing 810 for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. i might do 810 for the whole week yet, i'm not sure. last time i did 810 my weight loss accellerated madly the month after so i'm hoping that will happen again.

i know i am not ready to eat normally because everytime i see adverts with Christmas food on i get in a grump because i can't eat it. i know that when i am not bothered about the food and can focus on the other parts of Christmas that a healthy outlook on food as been acheived at long last!!! x
ok i have finaly decided what im doinf for xmas,
ive had a word with my Cd and she agrees that i should have xmas and boxing day off, by this we mean having xmas dinner but no puds or anything else and limit the carbs
im very happy with this as when i do eat on xmas day i wont feel guilty about it,
then im going straight back on SS the day after boxing day :)
I'm going onto 1000 for good(well till target) as of a week saturday then im afraid xmas is a bit of a damage limitation exercise. Will be having a few days off and a few drinks, If I can go back on the 2nd weighing the same as on the 19th decmeber i'll be well happy.
soontobelittlegem, just spotted the new avatar, looking gorgeous and I dont compliment easily. :)
hi vampalicious!

i just noticed that we are heading for the same goal weight and that we are only a few pounds apart. would you like to buddy up?

gem x

yeh would love too!!!
just been looking at your pics, WOW!! your a babe lol well done you have done so well and you have gotta tell me how you got that pink in your hair, i just cant get the black out of mine!!!!
Im going to SS until xmas - then xmas day me and my man are cooking at home so i can do a no carb lunch.

Other things i have always loved at xmas.... I actually cant think of anything I would crave. Probably a little stuffing just - might get some of the aunt bessie stuffing balls - have one of them.

Tetra brik icecream for dessert for me. :)

Im so excited about xmas!! Its going to be my happiest ever.

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