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Chugs weekly WW diary

Hi all

With all your help I managed to sort out a plan and started my ww today. Gosh its hard. I'm still hungry but I'm sure that is because my body was so use to eating so much and will get use to the less food soon lol.

I only have 1 white tea a day and in my shopping guide it says tea is 0 points but I have milk which is semi-skinned and for 1/2 a pint its 2 points so how do I work out how many points is for my tea? Or do I for example on Sunday deduct 2 points from my daily points to cover the 1/2 pint in 1 week?

Your help again would be much appreciated.

Thanks :party0027:
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Depends how milky you have your tea I guess... I would estimate I use about a pint of milk in tea over the week.
Congratulations on starting the plan, I started doing WW today as well.


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Crikey i have about 2 or more points for my coffee a day, i use the skimmed milk in that though cos its only 1 point for 1/2 pint and after a while it tastes like milk lol
Hi there

Glad to hear you're getting off to a good start. Don't forget your 0 point soup or curry for staving off hunger pangs.

Rather than deprive yourself of 2 points in one day to account for your milk, why not put it down as half a point every two or three days? That way you're spreading it out over the week.
My 2nd day on WW

Hi all

Well I've lasted another day. Today I have 5 points spare but that is because I went linedancing for 1 hr so I've earnt 2 points. I never thought I'd say this but I don't know what to use them on.

I went to have a look at some mint poppets to see how many points they are but it only has fat so how do I work out the saturates of fat?

Thank you all for the advice about my milk in my tea.

Karenlou I didn't know there was 0 soup who makes them?
Home-made soup made out of 0 point ingredients and blended up.

I like carrot and coriander (just carrots, fresh coriander and stock); roast pepper and tomato (peppers and onions roasted in fry-light and blended in with a tin of tomatoes) and moscow (all the leftover veg in the fridge "mus' go"). Couple of points for a nice wodge of bread and bobs your uncle.
Thanks starlight I thought that was the case but I didn't want to do incase I get it wrong and I didn't want to go over my points.

Also thanks Karenlou for your 0 point soup tips I will try them one day.
Hi all

Well I'm into my 4th day and feel like I'm doing well. My tummy feels flatter already lol. I was disappointed yesterday because I was all geared up for going to the gym and because its a council gym it was closed because of the strike :cry: so I couldn't earn any extra points. I was so looking forward to having my chocolate bar.

I went food shopping today and treated myself to loads ww cakes and fruit. I've never seen my food cupboard looking so healthy.

Well I'm off to have some sugar free jelly yummy 0 points aswell bonus.

Anyway how are you all getting on with WW?
I think I am getting into the swings of things now Karenlou. I'm enjoying eating loads of 0 points items lol.

I think making a 0 point curry is great. But I don't understand how it can be 0 points Bobwillbethin. I don't eat currys but I thought they have meat in them.

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