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Cinema snacks


I will do this!!!
Im going to the cinema tomorrow and i know im going to struggle. My OH and son will be tucking into yummy toffee popcorn and i know i'll be helping myself to some too but i REALLY dont want to!! ( i have no will power.) Any ideas of things i could take to nibble on? My HEXB is on porridge for breakfast (includes my HEXA). I was thinking about taking some chopped fruit but that'll go all dry and brown :( Any ideas??
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If you didn't have your HEB on porridge I was going to suggest taking puffed wheat sprinkled with sweetner. I took this to the cinema last week and would love to tell you how it tasted but when we got there, there was some big bouncer dood standing by a sign that said 'no food and drink allowed in unless it's bought here', so went without snacks and bought a large diet coke instead. But it's worth a thought.


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take 2 alpen light from you heb and cut it up into smaller bits, thats what I do. :D

I use the fudge one, and as its so sweet and sticky I honestly dont feel like i'm missing out.

Not sure what day you are following, but obviously as you have already allocated porridge, (or can you change that) it would not work on EE.


I will do this!!!
i do red days.
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i went to cinema yesterday and i was naugthy i had popcorn but wish i hadn't cause i spent all the film worring about making to much noise. if u have no snacks u cann contrate on the film and once it starts i bet u won't even miss it cause most people eat there before it starts.
plus the popcorn started be off i then fell off the wagon yesterday and i feel so ill.


I will do this!!!
Your right tinkerbellsmum i normally eat the majority of my popcorn before the film starts! think i'll take the alpen light bars for the intro then just fill up on diet coke.....cheers guys.


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Or you could take some with you, the syns for popcorn are really not that bad because it's so light

Butterkist Toffee Popcorn 28g

5½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 5½ Syns
Green 5½ Syns

Butterkist Light Toffee Popcorn 50g bag

6½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 6½ Syns
Green 6½ Syns

Basic/Non Branded Foods Crisps & snacks, basic, Popcorn, toffee 28g

5½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 5½ Syns
Green 5½ Syns



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I had the same dilema Friday night. I was going to get a bag of the sweet popcorn from morrisons and take half of it, but ended up just taking some grapes. Not quite the same but still nice enough. My friend was trying to tempt me with pic and mix but managed to resist.

We went to see precious which was pretty harrowing so in the end up didn't eat through it as it was so engrossing. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed your film!
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I take a bag of French Fries and suck the flavour off them so they last ages! Think they're 4 1/2 sins for a bag.


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I took a tub of chopped melon and apples and kept it in the fridge until I left for the cinema and not a brown spot in sight. Or maybe some cold meats, chicken, pickled onions and fresh pineapple in a tub?

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