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Claire's journey

Hi everyone,
i'm new to this site so hopefully i will get some great advice!
This is my second day on the Cambridge Sole Source Diet.
Hopefully this diet will give me what i hope to get after all the hard work!!

For anyone who doesnt know what The Cambridge soul source is - i only have 3 shakes or soups a day and drink only water. So my total Calorie intake is 415cals a day :eek: - low i know lol.

So, i'm 2 days in and today was really bloody hard and i gave in when i got back from work and ate a plain mini pitta - not a big deal only 26 cals of something.:break_diet: But still i am so determined, and wasnt hungry so why did i even do it?!?!
Because my job involves walking around all day, talking - my energy levels are really low today. Got a moany headache aswell which is annoying - apparantly its my body ridding toxins.

I would be really grateful if anyone who has been on this diet, or a similar one, could help me through this - only on the sole source for 2 or 3 weeks - but thatslong enough!!!! Also to share you experiences and successes!

I'll keep blogging :)


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ok so end of day 4... weighed myself this morning and lost 3 pounds which i am bloody happy about!!
Cant help but weight each morning! haha.

Also bought Ketostix today - and i have been informed by a lovely member of minimins that any change in colour means i am in ketosis... SO GIVE ME A WOOOOOOO FRIGGIN HOOOOOOOOOO!!!

ohhh yeahhhhh *cheesy cheerleader dance*.

feeling a bit hungry though - thought i wasnt supposed to feel hungry when im in ketosis? never mind i feel flipping fantastic!!

can't wait for tomorrow REALLY going to work hard at drinking tonnes of water and having ALL my shakes and soups instead of half the glass lol.

I dont have a problem with not eating... my problem lays in watching other people eat. i feel like i am realllllly missing out on the taste...
coz i dont really like the tastes of the shakes/soups and im not far enough in to have the tetra bars yet... i miss nice tasting food.
so mouth watered earlier when dad was making buttery toast... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

otherwise i dont really give in - just when its there and other people are enjoying it :(

Abstinance lasts temporarily... my lush figure will last me a while im hoping haha.

ill try and remember to update tomoz :)


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