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Claire's slimming world return with a smile :)

Hey everyone :) :wavey:

Well.. after a truly crap week trying weight watchers I have decided it's really not for me and does not fit into my life at all. Slimming world was working for me- when I had my head in the right place.

The problem was not the diet, it was me. So I had a bit of a rant the other day on here- some lovely people gave me some good advice and I am feeling much better.

So I will take it one day at a time.

Day one: Monday 29/11/10

Porridge (HEB) + (0.5 syn)
Milk (HEA)

2 slices roast beef
SW roastie potatoes left over
Carrots, green beans, cauliflower and brocoli left over from last night
Gravy (2 syn)
Muller light

Chinese rice-(our own concoction)
Turkey fillet
2 walls sausage (10 syn)
2 packets rice (6 syn)
Groundnut oil (2 syn)
Onion, babycorn, sugar snap peas, pepper
3 eggs

Total: 18, made 3 portions so 6 syns

Total syns for the day: 8.5

Weekly syns used: 8.5/105

So far so good!! Rice was only so high as had some sausages to use up. Got the rest for my dinner tomorrow so might pick the sausage out! Save some syns :)
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Day two: Tuesday 30/11/10

Porridge (HEB+0.5 Syn)
1/2 HEA as made with 1/2 water, 1/2 milk
Golden syrup (1 syn)

Left over rice (picked out sausage!)(2 syns)

Muller light
Grapes, apple and a banana

Alpen light (3 syn)

Scrambled eggs
1/2 can beans
2 small granary bread (8 syn)
Spread (1 syn)

Total syns: 22

Added: Cadburys Light trifle: (6.5 syn)

Weekly syns used: 30.5/105
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Day Three!!

Wed 1/12/10
Porridge (HEB) + 0.5 syn
1/2 water, 1/2 milk from HEA

Wholegrain pasta in sauce
Roast chicken
Cherry tomatoes
Muller light (1 syn)
Grapes and a banana

Light alpen light (3 syn)

Beef stew with carrots, potatoes, leek and onion
Gravy (2 syn)
1 piece 400g seeded bread (4 syn)

Total syns: 11.5

Weekly syns used: 42/105

We had plans to go out tonight and tomorrow night, but all cancelled due to snow! Secretly quite glad as means I can stay on plan :)

Meals planned for the rest of the week:

Thursday- Chicken, garlic, bacon and spinach lasagne
Friday- Chicken kebab with salad, sw wedges and whole meal pita (Trying to recreate from the kebab!)
Saturday- TBC!
Roast (either chicken or beef) with sw wedges, loads of veg, yorkshires and gravy!!

If I can just stick to plan that will be week 1 of 100% Fingers crossed!!

hi welcome back i tried w/w but didn't like all the counting so came back to s/w good luck :)
Hi Valerie :wavey:

I couldn't get on with it either, but having the break made me appreciate just how good slimming world is and how much easier it is to do in everyday life.

So far 3 days back on the wagon, so far so good!!

Good Luck with getting back on sw! Do you have a food diary? I like to nose around to get some idea's!!

Claire x
hi yes i do have its called "here i go again food diary "( my ups and downs quite a few of them lol ) :)
have put a link in my signature to make it easier to find :)
Day Four:

Thursday 2/12/10

2 granary bread (2 syn)
Low fat spread (1 syn)
Baked beans

Beef stew (2 syn for gravy)
Muller light (1 syn)

Chicken, bacon and spinach lasagne

Chicken, bacon, onion, pepper and leek
Lasagne sheets
Cheese sauce made with:
5 tsp's cornflower ( 5 syn)
375 ml semi skimmed milk (9 syn)
Cheese (10 syns)

Total syns for lasagne: 24/4 portions= (6 syns)

Using half allowance of (HEA) towards milk in my portion of lasagne which makes tonight's portion 3 syns

SW wedges

Total syns for the day: 9
Weekly allowance used: 52/105
Hey Everyone!!

Well I had my fresh start from Sunday but I am weighing on a Friday and am happy to report a 2.5lb loss this week!! :bliss:

Unfortunately having a flexi evening today because our freezer has broken we just found out. Went to get something out and everything has defrosted :( Our freezer is in our garage and apparently from some googling, it is a common problem that if the temperature drops too much the thermostat turns off for the freezer. :sigh:

It wasn't full thank god, managed to save some chicken breasts and sausages so will make a stew tomorrow and a casserole, but we had a load of little party food boxes and a pizza that had all completely defrosted. Had to chuck a lot of other stuff though. I couldn't bring myself to throw the party stuff away so cooked them all up and we had them for our tea. Completely off plan, and I know I could have had something else, but it was cook them or bin them and we couldn't really afford to bin all of them.

So a flexi tea but the rest of the day was like this:

2 400g granary bread (HEB+ 2syn)
Low fat spread
2 boiled eggs

Some chicken lasange I made last night- 6 syn- 3 towards the milk in in from allowance (3)
Muller light (1 syn)

Alpen light bar (3 syn)

Various party foods and pizza :cry:

Total syns: ?
Weekly syn allowance that I had left was 53 for the week (that's until Monday) so I am going to try and be as syn free as possible over the weekend to try and make up for it a bit!

Anyway I had till next Friday till I weigh again, some hopefully if I am good all week it won't have too much of an effect.

So good news on finally loosing a bit, and bad news in breaking the freezer.

Hope your all warm in the snow xx
hi well done losing 2.5 lbs this week i hope u have a good loss next week :)

Well I won't update yesterday as it was a bit of a shambles, still trying to eat what we can from the freezer disaster, so again yesterday I was well over syns.. again :(

I know I could chuck it all away, but we really can't afford to replace the food at the moment so trying to eat what we can from things that we were able to save, unfortunately a lot of the freezer stuff is food that Ben eats or stuff that I have every now and then because it is high syn :(

So I will just update from today and have to be amazingly good until Friday. No hopeful for a loss though.

fried egg
2 400g toast (HEB+2 syn)
Low fat spread (1 syn)

I have a whole packet of vegetable fingers to eat and OH has a whole packet fish fingers!

I think I may have 4 (10 syn)
SW chips
Baked beans

Total syns: 13

Well after a bad weekend back on track today. Need to be as good as possible. Going to London on Sunday night for a two day course, so going to be difficult to stay on track as I don't know what is going to be available for lunches, I suppose tea will be ok as I will probably eat at the hotel. Then for breakfast I can just try and make good choices. All I can do it keep trying can't I?

Anyway good for today:

Porridge (HEB)+ (0.5 syn)
Milk (HEA)
Golden syrup (2 syn)

Chili (2 syn)
Few SW wedges
Muller light

Not sure what we are having for tea yet... will update!!
Hi Claire, how's it going? Did you not get on with weight watchers? I was thinking of trying there new plan? Is it any good?
I have put on so much weight think i'm gonna start again after Xmas! Just don't know wether to try sw again or weight watchers
hope your well xx

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