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Hi there

I would like some opinions please, my class is tonight but i am thinking of going it alone and not going to class no more. The problem i have is i work through the day and have to work at night aswell so i have to work around my class, the other problem i find is i can't afford the class each week at the moment. The other thing that i have noticed at class is that the same people are always focused on each week in Image Therapy and no one else gets a say, its usually the joker of the group or someone that constantly puts no effort in that gets all the attention all the time...gets really frustrating. So i am swayed to saving up the £60 to join SW online?

Any thoughts please?

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Hi hun, I know what you mean about working all day and then not getting home until late etc. However, I said this to my consultant and she basically replied saying......"i'll get you to where you want to be, but all I'm asking of you is to commit one hour a week".

It bought it home to me that it is only an hour (I still hate it) but I know the only way SW works for me is by going to class. I've previously tried to go it alone and have been great for the first two weeks and then end up slipping, but it's fine as I don't have anyone to answer to.

As for your class - maybe speak to your consultant about the style of the meeting, failing that - maybe find another one to go to?

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Hi Cheeks,

Ultimately its your decision....do you think that you can go without the support? I used to find the same thing happened at my class when I stayed to Image Therapy, but I chose to do the plan on my own at home and not join the online part either.
I feel that I am doing ok, I cant afford to go to classes anyway and £60 for me is a lot of money, especially this close to Christmas.
I have found that by coming here to MM, I have any queries I have regarding syns answered, I have a diary that I update through the week and if anyone mentions a recipe, I write it down and try it out. This for me is my Image Therapy and support.
Good luck with what you decide, try and go it alone first and see how you get on....if you are determined and strong willed, it will work for you.

at some point you have to learn that this is a eating plan and it has to become a way of life.....24/7 if u want to lose weight and stay that weight........at least with class u know that u will get weighed so it stops u goin off plan (well most of the time) if it was easy to lose weight then slimming clubs would be out of a job......think hard before u ditch the class.................
i hate image theropy its so boring.
its always the same people every week that like to be the centre of attention whilst i sit in the back row and dread my turn lol.. i hate all the clapping. and i get embarrased people clapping for me!
The whole night is just going thro what everyone's lost or gained. I think after all these yrs they should change the way they do it.
I'd like to hear more about recipes and stuff.
I couldnt be bothered to stay last night, after a long day at work and you wait around for ages whilst the late ones arrive!
I cant do it alone though so i've no other option than to go to class


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I have to say that since we got our new consultant 6 weeks ago, our class has changed to much for the better. Most of image therapy is discussing meals, ideas, recipies etc. We have a raffle for the ingredients of a meal each week and we really do get a lot from this part of class. The personal image therapy is really a quick whip through and I have to say that she does focus on the strugglers that week rather than the big losers, although they get their praise too. She has also sussed out who is the joker and who is the yapper in the group and she deals with them very well and doesn't let them hog the limelight. Our consultant really does want to give us exactly what we want from our class - she says we deserve it as we're paying for the class so we should get out of it whatever we need.

Maybe you could have a quiet word with your consultant? Get her email address and drop her a line and say how you feel.

I know I couldn't do without my weigh in class each week. it is too easy for me to fall off the wagon if I don't have a day of reckoning each week.

All that said... The SW forum here on MM has been invaluable for me since I found it, and I know that there are quite a few here who go it alone and get all the support and encouragement from everyone here. If you feel you are strong enough to do that, then go for it.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
Hi...I think there's pros and cons to everything - I'm an online member only and have never been to a class....the moral support sounds nice and the fact you've got someone to ask questions too if you're not sure about something and you have to admit to someone if you've gained or lost which online no-one would know if you were being truthful or not!!!

However online....you are still pretty much on your own...its a lot of money - not much in the way of support and the syns online I don't always find very user friendly to find things....but I do like the fact I haven't got to trudge out on a crappy night to get weighed to be told I'm overweight...hey - guess what - I already know that!!!

So think carefully about what you as a person are like - do you need to answer to someone or do you prefer to do it alone?

Good luck with whatever you choose....am off to cook my first lot of Joe's sausages for lunch....hope they taste as good as they smell!!!!
o yea and then you get pestered to buy raffle tickets!

as if you haven't paid out enough to get weighed!

sorry i sound so against SW classes dont i!
LOL, I sell the raffle tickets for our class, but I definately don't make anyone feel that they HAVE to buy one. I just hide the whip behind my back until they say they don't want one this week :8855:

hey Laurie... want to buy a raffle ticket? mwahaha :33:
LOL, I sell the raffle tickets for our class, but I definately don't make anyone feel that they HAVE to buy one. I just hide the whip behind my back until they say they don't want one this week :8855:

hey Laurie... want to buy a raffle ticket? mwahaha :33:
O gosh im sorry...
its just last week i heard my consultant say ' go around again try and sell sum more'
LOL Don't be sorry. I don't mind in the slightest..I thought it was funny hehe.

OK, I think you need to come to the class I go to.. I can't praise our consultant up enough. She has a no pressure policy.. she's fantastic
:8855: Oh dear!!

I used to buy the raffle tickets as my Consultant would mention a recipe and then have the ingrediants as the raffle prize, I thought this was much better.
my consultant finishes the losses and gains does the raffle then what do you know its time for her next class! when i leave they're all lined up outside ready to come in!
i used to have trouble getting to class after work but my class i have joined this time is in a lunch time so really suites me - good luck with whatever you decide honey
I don't go to a class because it's too difficult to get to. I think I wish I did go. I've been going it alone, and am certain I wouldn't have stuck with it at all without this forum, but it was going really slowly and I kept getting downhearted without the weekly weigh in to focus on. Last week I asked a work friend to weigh me. We covered up the stones (on electric scales) so she just saw the pounds - so not embarrassing. i didn't think this would inspire me really but thought it was worth a go. It's only the first week, but it's definitely given me some focus. I keep finding myself thinking"no, Karen will be weighing me on Friday" so not having the biscuit, or whatever. So, so far so good.

Is this a possibility for you? I am hoping that this weekly weigh in and the MM site will keep me going unitl I have become a babe!

Good luck with whatever you decide...
Hi Katherine,

This sounds like a good idea with your mate, but only as long as you feel comfortable doing it this way...it certainly gives you the incentive to keep on track!!
Im doing this plan on my own too, but because I have had a gastric band, I can't eat the quantities that would be expected for me to have a weight loss....all I know is that I am eating healthily and that the weight is coming off (slowly, but even so).
I religiously stick to weighing myself once a week and I do this first thing in the morning every Tuesday.
If the scales are there they call, don't they?!!! "Come here...stand on me...I can make or break your day!!!" Evil things. But can't make myself put them away!!
Thanks girls for all your massive support and advice, i have to be honest i have been a really bad person this week, i didn't go to class..since Tues i have binged on cheese and crackers and when my consultant asked " I haven't seen your smile this week are you ok?.....i replied with my car had broken down really sorry!! God how bad of me!...I just didn't want to admit i was giving up!..I lied!...i have never done that before!...Anyway viv someone who i have befriended at class she text me also and said she missed me and where was i to support her as she gained ( we support one another as we started in the same week )...anyway it turns out i felt so guilty and a failure for just not going that next week I AM GOING and i am paying 2 weeks for my missed week, so its my own fault, i was in a place where really all i wanted to do was binge if i was to be honest and i knew i had put weight on.

I have to go to class.

Thankyou everyone for making me wake up.


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