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classes - online access


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You join the weekly class, all the books, the welcome talk, and you get a pin number rather than a password. This pin gives you access to the website and if you leave it stays active for about 4 weeks.
If you don't go every week you will be charged back fees. You get 6 weeks holiday per year when you don't have to pay (if you let your consultant know) but otherwise you would pay. So an expensive way to get access online unless goign to group every week.

Sorry did'nt realise it worked like that, online expensive with books so was hoping to join class and then go occasionally.

looks like if i want online access then i need to commit to one or the other :)

is having online acccess really handy?
I've just joined up to the Online version for the three month offer after my schedule meant I cant get to my usual class any more. It works out about £5 a week and there's no difference in what you can access online compared to what you get with your PIN on the group version.

I had considered just trying to do it myself but what made me sign up was having an official register of my weight (the graph etc showing me how much I had/hadn't lost) and access to the syns calculator.

I dont think Ill stay on after the 3 month renewal thing, but Im not totally sure. To be honest you can get graphs free online anywhere these days, like this Ticker thing, so it's only the Syns calculator I want and you can find out most things through chatting to people on here. At the moment I probably wouldn't sign up again, I think a fiver for a syns calculator is a rip off (although apparently you get a reduction after the 3 months is up, Im not sure how much).

I think nothing compares to a good group class, (unfortunately I dont have access to a good one any more) - but this forum seems pretty good (and free) substitute.
Yes this forum is excellent but I also prefer group. I think a lot depend on yr c, mine is fantastic, nothing is too much trouble and she never minds us texting etc. She is even running a w i at her house tomorrow lunchtime as one of her normal groups is Monday lunchtime! Everyone finds what suits them best, I am the sort of person who needs the weekly w i with others and I also like the social aspect of it. Good luck in whatever you choose!
Yeah I had an absolutely amazing consultant the first time I did it and it was only ten minutes down the road. Unfortunately she doesn't do it any more and there isn't a class as close by.

I tried one about half an hour away but it was cr*p to be fair :/ Then I tried another but it was 2 buses and 45min away, I was coping but now I have a class that night. Theres another about 40min away but it doesn't start til 7:30pm so it's half nine before I get home and I've still got tea to cook, so Im trying the online version.


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The first time I joined SW I joined up online. Fantastic waste of money for me. It lacked the forum, which is what I really wanted and I found it difficult to get going on it. Basically I didn't look at it again after the first couple of days.

My advice would be to join a class and commit to going for 6 weeks (your leader should look at your food diary for the first four weeks - even if it feels like a pain doing this I really would recommend it) by buying a six week pass (cost the same as 5 classes). You can buy what cookbooks you want in that time etc. If you don't feel you need the class after that then it is easy to go it alone with the support of minimins.

I only go to class to get weighed and I rarely use the SW site for more than entering my weekly weight now. I sometimes think about stopping class (I always do the six week pass) but I quite like how it breaks the time up into weeks for me.
I enjoy the group meetings mainly from a social point of view. It doesn't cost me anything now because I'm at target. I find it more difficult to maintain than I ever did losing the weight!


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