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Classes, what happens if you don't go

I can't make classes for the next 2 weeks (fingers crossed I stay on plan)

I'm gonna call my consultant and let her know.
Will I get charged?

My class has changed days and I know I won't be able to attend every week due to work commitments.
Am I expected to attend every week?

This wasn't explained to me when I joined and the book isn't clear.

Thanks x
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if i dont go to my class each week i still have to pay for missed weeks.
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my consulatant will ask you to pay if she has not been told in good time.. but otherwise there usually isnt a problem. not too sure if this is a blanket thing?x
Thanks for replying.
I'll give her a call tommorrow.

My friend does WW and she doesn't always go, maybe twice a month.
she never has to pay for a missed week

I can understand why they charge though
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Can you not go to another class locally that week?

I sometimes can't make my class cos it's in the town i work in, not live in. So if I'm not at work that day (monday - bank hols!) I don't want to do a 30mile roundtrip to WI so I go to another class in my area on another day.

My class charges missed weeks unless you're ill and notify in advance.



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Yeah, I think the 'rules' are that you have to pay for classes that you don't attend, unless you book it as a holiday (you're allowed 6 weeks holiday a year)


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I do the online version of SW for this reason. I work away from home a lot and can never commit to a regular class.

This was I can always WI at the same time wherever I am - I understand that on-line slimming isn't for everyone though, but I personally have found it fantastic and flexible

just another option to consider? xxx


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If you have work commitments (ie.shift workers) and let the consultant know then you don't normally pay.


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You can have 6 weeks holiday a year, if you let your consultant know in advance you don't have to pay. If you just don't turn up then you have to pay.
There are different rules for shift workers but you need to talk to your consultant.
Some consultants are more flexible than others in allowing the 6 weeks, if you let them know then they often let you have more, I think they get a bit cheesed off when people just don't turn up!

One thing though... if you are on the digital system, it only allows you 6 weeks a year and charges for weeks after that. You really do need to be registered as a shift worker, or as someone else suggested maybe go to a different class.
Jay x

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