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'Classy' Russian wedding dress


Eloquent hooligan
OMG! lol


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I have it in blue ;)
Okay I'm back again... is it only me that is suffering with severe boob envy???!


Gonna be slim again
Heheh LoL Thats ace.
Though is it me? coz everytime i stare at them they form into one big huge one :drool: Yummy!!!
OK, I am now concerned, I can't stop looking at them (tink I is bit jealous:eek:)
T x
Bally hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder what size those babies are!!!!!

I'm not jealous of the size, just the perkiness!!!!

Do you think the dressmaker ran out of time to finish it?

The amount of times I have looked at this picture is starting to worry me....! :D
OMG they're disgusting!! It looks like her dress has dropped from the sheer weight of her boobilage! :eek::eek: I bet the best man didn't manage to get through his speech! :D

What did you put in google to find that? "Women whose dresses are too small for their t*ts" lol?
Have you noticed how they seem to follow you around the room?

Why am I so drawn to the photo?

It's just as well they had a long limo - they need it for those big boys!!! I'm just surprised the groom isn't mesmorised by them!

What the hell? I bet she has a bad back! I appreciate my little boobs all the more now!
I must be sad but the first thing I noticed was the building on the right behind as it looks like it is about to fall over!
Can't be all they are 'pictured' to be or the Groom would be looking a lot brighter surely?

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