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Cleaning a Whole Chicken??

HI i bought a whole chicken to cook today as it was reduced quite a lot, when i went to take giblets out there was none in it, i looked on packet and it says fresh A chicken with no giblets, do i still wash it out? and i assume i have nothing else to scrape out from it?? Thanks.
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Thanks, have washed it out but not much came out of it, hope i dont poison everyone! Tried taking the skin off but what a nightmare!! Will wait until its cooked i think.
I must admit I just take it out of the packet, and chuck it in the oven or slow cooker. TAke the skin off when cooked. Psyche yourself up and ahve bin out and ready. Otherwise, if you are like me, it could just end up in your mouth!!


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You can buy chickens without giblets in; you know Hun and they are still "fresh".
Definitely remove skin when cooked though...far easier and the chicken wont dry out when it is cooking.
I don't wash it out because if you do you get lots of bacteria from the raw chicken in and around your sink (learnt this on a food hygiene course)
i watched a program about people getting poisoned at christmas once, the main reason was people washing their turkeys, you honestly dont need to do it. the water was splashing onto toher surfaces and tehn they were getting food poisoning from other places. just stick it in the oven its all fresh meat. youll be fine
I don't wash mine, the chicken absorbs the water a bit (as well as all the nasty chicken splashes everywhere!) and this results in a watery bird. Not good!
Even if chicken has giblets in, they are usually in a bag anyway so I still wouldn't wash the chicken.
Just take it out, cook it, bin the skin (*sob*) and enjoy!
Thanks everyone, though before some of you replied i did wash the chicken, cooked it took off the skin shredded all the chicken and had some with a salad put the rest in fridge and about 15 mins after id eaten my stomach was killing me like food poising stomach, i wasn't sick but the pains i had were enough to put me off buying and cooking a whole chicken myself ever again! Not sure whether it was because id washed it, or it was reduced it was still in date that day though so shouldn't have been that.


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Get out the bleach hun and give your surfaces and taps a good clean :)


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If I buy a fresh chicken I don't wash it either mainly because of spreading any bacteria - but a word of warning always cook the chicken well before the 'use by' date - I find that they do tend to get a bit 'smelly' if left to the exact day - and a cooked chicken keeps just as well in the fridge without any worry of possible food poisoning....

I am extra careful when it comes to chicken whether I buy it fresh or frozen.

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