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Cleaning before the cleaner..

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I must be mad. H has agreed that I can have a cleaner every week for 2 hours.

It's a friend of mine who is a cleaner for a living. I seem to find myself cleaning before she comes to clean & also when she's here because she's a friend feel I should help her & she get's paid :8855:

Am I crazy???
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id get out of the house. Tell her that as much as youd love to catch up, you dont want to distract her and you ought to be using the time to have 'you time' before baby arrives. She will understand! otherwise id start paying yourself. x
I used to do the same B.B. so that makes us both nuts.

However , in time I did learn to go out and leave her to get on with it, but of course that was after I made her a cup of tea and a biscuit.!!!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I think that's the way forward, leave her to it. I just had a bit of a tidy up not too much as can't bend down lol
Hee hee my great aunt wrote me a letter once and put at the end "must go, need to do the dusting before the cleaner arrives." Bless her!! I would love to have a cleaner, would prob make sure any dirty clothes were in the clothes basket but that's all x
I want a cleaner :8855:!!!!

oh goodness i think i know what you mean i would have to tidy before she came, cant have her thinking i need a cleaner????


yes get yourself out and potter about whilst she cleans lol bless ya

can i ask how much cleaners cost? not that im getting one, i wish! just curious


Mostly Harmless
We will generally have a tidy up the evening before (more putting stuff in its right place), so that she only has to clean. she comes on one of the days that both my partner and I are at work so she can just get on with it.
I once asked a friend who worked as a chambermaid in a hotel in London what she most disliked about her job. I was surprised at her answer - "hotel guests who insist on making their own beds - I have to do it again anyway, and why don't they just let me get on with my job. I just think they don't believe I can do it properly."

I wonder if your cleaners are thinking the same thing??

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I'm in North London and my cleaner is £10 but she's absolutely fab, I went out for an hour & didn't recognise my kitchen lol..she even cleaned the window..

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