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Clear out

Doesn't it feel great!?

Yay for you!
Remember to keep one pair back for the "Big Pants" photo's Dizzy


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lol Jim love that piccie :D
im doing clear out tonight :D


Clean green leafy machine
Fab news on clear out Dizzy - and amazing pic Jim! I was just about to chuck a pair of black trews but will hang on to them.

Didn't think I could feel any difference in my size yet, but suddenly realised this week that I was constantly hitching this pair of trousers up (and my knickers - sorry lads :D) - unless it's just the elastic going! :D

We started a big pants thread a while ago, but not many people were at the point where they felt they could post one yet. Maybe after Christmas more of us will be at that point, I hops so anyway.


Clean green leafy machine
Big pants thread...LOL classic


Never give up
I like it! Have given away all my big trousers, but I might just manage a big skirt from the back of the wardrobe (aka the land that time forgot)...

Excellent photo btw Jimbo. :eek:


Never give up
I'll try to paint a verbal picture then Kit. Picture an adonis of a man, a [STRIKE]chip 'n' dale[/STRIKE] sorry, Chippendale look-alike if you will, in a huge pair of baggy trousers with a rightly huge self-satisfied grin on his face. But wearing nothing else! :eek:

Oh no, I've said too much...:eek:


Clean green leafy machine
LMAO Water


Clean green leafy machine
LOL he's very happy, anyway, and should be too! :)


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Lol, thanks for the images!! I'm home now so have had a proper look, but I must say from the description and other pics of Jim I really believed he would be wearing nothing else!
OK, let's see if this works......
It's a work in progress :)


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