Clothes are all too big!


Skinny Soon ?!
Does anyone find themselves getting well hacked off because everything in their wardrobe is too big??

I know it sounds loopy but even 2 skirts I ordered the other day, thinking would be a snug fit, are massive on me.

I find I've nothing to wear to work, well I've loads of tops but no bottoms and I want to buy nice attractive things but still have so much to loose that they won't last 5 minutes either.

I am now the ebay queen as virtually my whole wardrobe has been sold on ebay to fund new ebay purchases. I find I am buying things on impulse with my heart and not my head.

I suppose I have a pair of trousers for work and a skirt so I should just stick with that until they are too big then restock.

I just want to feel nice in my clothes and I don't because I feel they are all second had and make doos and I want to feel like I have nice outfits.

I don't know I am just rambling but I never thought I would feel so bad about clothes being too big - its like I knew what I had before and what looked good etc but now everything is just a jumble.

I think I need trinny and suzanne to pay me a visit.
At my LL group there is a rail of clothes we can borrow and bring in for clothes that dont fit others..........but Im a 14 so theres not really many there.Be proud you are doing so well if your clothes are hanging off you :D if you shop around you can buy cheap clothes ie Primark etc that still look fab but dont cost a bomb!Are you doing this diet with other people that you can swap clothes with if they are smaller than you and maybe if your smaller than someone else then you could all pass your clothes down??
I know exactly what you mean.

At certain stages of my weight loss journey, I simply persisted with the clothes I had and belted them in, added tighter elastic/whatever until one day a good friend told me I was looking rather "unkempt"!

I'm glad she said that as I had been "waiting" for a further size or two drop, rather than keep buying and selling on Ebay.

Keep it up - for the most part the clothes I bought on Ebay were either new or "almost new" and they were definitely "new" to me. The thrill of finding smaller clothes each time, and finding that I preferred tight fitting clothes which definitely made me look slimmer, was a real revelation...

You've done brilliantly. Losing weight and redoing one's wardrobe several times over certainly is expensive but, by getting rid of all your "too big" clothes as you go certainly will help you later on and you'll not be able to "re-expand"! Now, as soon as I gain a pound or two, I know it and jump straight back on the wagon! (Not VLCD weight loss, I might add.)

PS - realised this morning that I've never bought a rain mac in my current size!
Asda saved the day for me. There were tops for £2 at the time. Ann x
I became a Primark Queen & bought lots of cheap things in there to help along the way. It's wonderful to get to goal & then be able to splash out on a whole new wardrobe - worth the wait.

Be proud your clothes are falling off you, whilst frustrating, it's another sign of your successes.

Well done
Hi Champess

can definitely sympathise!

My waist has shrunk by 5 inches since I've started dieting and hardly any of my skirts or trousers fit at all! Even with a belt it's annoying! Like the others say - would definitely recommend asda and primark - but I am not sure if I am slim enough yet to fit into primark's size 18 clothes. Am gonna test them and newlook out tomorrow...

Some of us here are now thinking of organising some kind of clothes swap - we should definitely look think about this soon! There are ladies here with no clothes! ;)

Luv and Hugs CC xx xx xx
Oh I so know that feeling, I had never had second hand clothes before (don't know why probably because as the eldest child I had everything new) but felt a real mess during the transition stages. I bought a few key pieces to keep me going - a pair of jeans (that were my own not borrowed), a couple of nice tops and two work skirts.

Now they are all too big but I had good wear out of the at the time as I mixed and matched those with the hand-me-downs.

Now though I am nearing my goal weight I am again buying key pieces and building up my wardrobe slowly.

When I am struggling as well I go and buy (or try on) something new - I find it a real motivator. I always loved clothes and nice clothes at that and I am now experimenting with things I would never have considered before - today I have on black leggings a mini skirt and a thick knit jumper, I feel so different.
The first time I cleared out my fat clothes I found it very emotional when I saw them on the bed and on hangers around my bedroom... and as I went through them all I just cried that I had allowed myself get so fat.

I was so afraid of parting with them in case I would need them felt I was torn between getting rid of them and feeling what if I put the weight back on I would have nothing to wear and some of them were nice as in nice for fat clothes...not exactly what I wear given the choice...

So glad I got rid of them as when I have slips and my weight goes back on...I know that I have two options to either go out and buy new fat clothes are pull myself back from the edge and get back on track.

Before when I had all my fat clothes it was easy to slide back into them and go into denial...

I have bought loads of clothes in smaller sizes in the sales from time to time and so I have new clothes all the way down to size 12!!!

Nothing has been mad expensive. All great bargains:D

Love Mini xxx
What a great complaint to have.

My underwear is loose - my DH says he is delighted.


Enjoy some shopping. Would you go into Tesco or Primark and stock up on some cheap stuff. Oh and bag up and give away or sell all your clothes that are too big.l I have already done a massive clear going back !!!


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As I shrunk from a size 24 to a size 12 over the past 9 months, my wardrobe became redundant at an astonishing rate of knots! :eek:

I made sure that I sold or gave away all my 'too big' clothes as soon as I could so that I have absolutely nothing left to wear in the (hopefully unlikely!) event I put weight back on again. It would cost me a small fortune to restock my wardrobe again now! :rolleyes:

My saviours are Matalan, eBay and New Look (there's no Primark anywhere near me sadly :( ) - and I just LOVE shopping now which is something I used to avoid like the plague when I was a size 24 :D

I bet most of us have had clothes at so many different sizes at various times of our lives.

What has just struck me is that these clothes I have now (must buy a rain mac - it won't stop raining here!) will be wearable until they fall to pieces! UNHEARD OF!

I hereby confess that I didn't get rid of my big clothes for about a year... hid them up in the attic, mind you, but for some STUPID reason didn't dare Ebay them. Get rid of yours soonest!
We have charity collectors who come around where I live and they leave bags for you to put your old unwanted clothes in.

I think it is a great service.

Love Mini xxx
We do to Mini...........Its great - bye bye size 30. Bye bye size 28 - kept one pair of size 30 trousers for photo purposes later ..


I have kept a car coat that was once on the small side and every now and the I try it on...:D
I know exactly how you feel! on the one hand it's wonderful to be losing weight and on the other it's hard trying to keep up with a wardrobe of clothes that actually fit and don't look like a ragbag.
I find I have no trouble with tops but jeans and trousers are difficult to keep up with, I have bought lots of size 12 tops for my hols in feb but no shorts, I just picked up yet another top today in tesco, lovely green long sleeved size 14, best bit was it was marked down to £3 and when I got to the till they took a further 20% off! so I got a lovely top for £2.40, shame they didn't have it in another colour as well.
I am going to take the time to photo all my big clothes and figure out how to get them on ebay this weekend, I'd like to get something back for them, can't afford to give them away.
Has anyone bought goal clothes? For example I have a pair of size 22 jeans hanging on my wardrobe door.........
3 weeks ago they wouldn't go past my knees. Now they go up over my bum.......but won't Christmas I am going to be swanning around in them............


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I popped in Asda this evening and although there was hardly anything in a size 24 I found a skirt exactly like the one I have today returned to Evans. What's more it was £8 - and I thought £20 reduced from £35 at Evans was a bargain. Can you believe it when I got to the checkout it was in the sale and reduced to £5 - fantastic.

At the start of this I was wearing size 30 from Evans now Evans size 24 is too big!

I had thought about buying a pair of size 18 jeans that I could try on frequently to measure my success. I think I might do that as the last time I lost a measureable amount of weight (about 1 -2 stone) was about 14 years ago when I got from a size 24 to and 18 on weight watchers.

I will be glad when I have lost a couple more stone and I really can shop in places like Asda, Tesco and New Look - there will be no stopping me.
Goal clothes

I bought the dress I am wearing in this photo (it is size 14) when I was a size 28. I pictured myself wearing this dress on my summer holidays, all through the winter and spring of 2006. And yes, I did wear it, and YES it felt MARVELLOUS!!!!!


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