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clothes shopping...

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Just got back from buying some lovely new clothes but I'm feeling quite down/frustrated about it.

My size 20 jeans hang off me at the waist bit are a good fit on the thigh area. Thought I might be able to get into an 18 but nooooo! Couldn't get em up my thigh!! But the 20 was huge!!

Does anyone else find this as frustrating and annoying as me? I just wanted a nice pair of jeans that fit but alas it was not ment to be :(

Can anyone recommend some good jean shops that don't cost a great deal? I was in new look but the fit was awful.

And don't get me started on the shop assistants. Honestly, I might be fat but I still want some nice clothes :(

Sorry rant over, I just can't stand clothes shopping anymore x
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I am exactly the same. My size 20 Jeans fall down as I'm walking! Lol but size 18 sooo tight!!!! Although trousers I can get away with an 18 easy! I've never been able to get jeans which fit properly though, even when i used to be a size 12-14! I find Dorothy Perkins jeans are better though than anywhere else
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Yes I remember I used to get them from dotty p's. I've been a size 20 in jeans for so long its been about 2 years since I brought them lol

Thanks will try their shop on Monday :)

Nice to know I'm not the only one out there who struggles with there silly sizing!
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It's because sizes differ so much from shop to shop, I've seen a thread somewhere about this, and some of the sizes can have a big inch difference depending where u buy from. Be so much easier if I could make my own clothes!!!!


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When I buy jeans, I tend to try all the supermarkets (Asda, Sainsbury (my fav) and Tesco) as although I have been a size 18 for years, I am always on the brink of losing weight and never want to spend too much. I generally find that their clothes are better quality and last longer too.

God I sound so middle-aged! I promise I'm not.....for a few years anyway!!
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I brought a few bits from asda today new cardi and boots but they didnt really have many jeans and all in size 22-26.

Im only 26 and buy from bonmarche sometimes! They have some nice tops for work and find their dresses fit my big boobs better! lol I have to look around before I enter the shop so no one sees me haha
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The worst place for jeans is select... There cuts are terrible!

Have you mayb tried primark ? There cheap and you might be able to get some to fit you and make do til you lose more weight?

I have so many pairs of jeans that I can't fit into under my bed!! 1 pair is a size 12 but they were smaller then a pair Of size 14s that I bought in the same shop!

I think I have about 10 pairs of jeans I don't fit into under there!
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you can easily take in the waist of jeans at the back if the thigh area is ok. Just a v shaped tuck in the back seam will do it.
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Ooo thanks never thought about that.

I'm not keen on primark jeans, used to buy them when I was smaller but didn't like the material they used.

Yes select are terrible with sizes! Gave up on that shop years ago lol. I too have loads of jeans under the bed with about a million bras as my boobs have grown with me too lol!! Hopefully they can shrink with me :D
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Hiya girls. I haven't bought jeans in years. I have bigger thighs than waist so I buy boyfriend cut jeans. My sister swears by the jeans from M&S, she says they have great stretch in the thigh area without being massive in the waist, and I must say she looked fab in them, never would have guessed they were M&S. I'll be trying there next xx
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I buy M&S boot cut and they are quite cheap.

I also buy my track suit bottoms from there for under a tenner.

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Honestly I have no idea what my real size is anymore lol (and can't find my goddamn measuring tape?). I have size 12 jeans here that are too big for me. About 3 pairs that say 12 are too big but then I have another 12 that are too tight. None of my size 14s fit any more which is good but means I need to go shopping which I hate, I get so frustrated! I'm yet to find the perfect jeans but will let you know if I do ;) xx

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Omg I love this thread,
I find clothes shopping the most awful depressing thing ever. I always do myself up before I go shopping, hair, make up etc so it gives me a boost and makes me feel good. I walk round and see nice clothes but as soon as I try anything on all I can see is the fat ugly me.

I've lost 19lb doing WW but I'm still a size 14, my clothes are still tight. The only clothes I've noticed feeling any looser is my knickers and as for jeans I don't even wear them anymore coz I can't find nice ones. It's leggings all the time and even I'm sick to death of seeing myself in leggings :(



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I find New look are the best for jeans and trousers. I'm apple shaped so I need a bigger waist and smaller hips. Their standard range goes to 18 and their Inspire range goes to a 26 I think? I'm a 20 at the moment.
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I was in new look yesterday trying them on the 18 wouldnt go up my thighs yet the 20 was huuuge on my tummy area.

I may have to go to marks and sparks tomorrow and have a try on.

I used to love clothes shopping now its just another chore, and one I hate! I get so dishartened trying on so many trousers that do not fit or just make me look even bigger.

If they did virtual shopping, now that would be great lol!! All the fun but none of the hastle.

Thanks for your replies, its great knowing other people feel the same :)
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Trousers!!! I hate trying the find a pair that fit me!

I'm 5ft 8" and have been lucky that lots of shops do long legs but can u find any that really fit nicely...nope!

I have a small waist, flat stomach but big hips, so i find it really hard to find trousers that fit me. I have to buy bigger trousers for my hips but cos i have a flat stomach the material gathers around the front so they end up looking tight even though they aren't.

I would say at the moment Dorothy Perkins is the best for trousers/jeans and price

I wished stores would layout their shops in suitability of body shape, so trousers would be separated by those who are pears, apple, hourglass etc. It would help me.pick the best clothes for my shape lol
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Hi all. I hate clothes shopping so much !!! I am 5ft 3in and almost 15 stone and an apple shape . Its IMPOSSIBLE to get nice clothes for my shape. I am also big boobed so tops are just so hard to find anything nice thats not a tent or a smock .Dresses are too long . Pants are too small in the body ....I could go on but its just depressing :mad:
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i have problems getting jeans that fit too!

my legs arent thin by any stretch of the imagination, but they do seem to be smaller than the rest of me!

so by the time i get jeans to fit around my belly, they are way too baggy on the thighs...groan......

i have to agree with the previous comments about new look jeans...my size 20's are getting way too big now, but the 18's wont do up round my waist....:sigh:

i have just decided to make do with my leggins and jog bottoms until i have lost a bit more weight....then maybe my options will be a bit more open.....xxx


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I bought my first pair of jeans in a long long time a couple of months ago from Topshop! I am between a 14-16 and bought size 16 high waisted skinny jeans and they are a lovely fit. Because they are high waisted they suck my belly in haha :)

I've never rated Dorothy perkins for jeans. Tried a load on before I bought the Topshop ones and the 16s were huge and 14s too tight. I hate jean shopping!!!!!


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I hate shopping for trousers especially as i can never find any nice fitting ones!! For instance my size 20s are baggy on my bum, tummy n thighs yet a size 18 is far too small n tight. :( Your not alone girls

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